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Freddie Krueger Character - Belfast

Freddie Krueger character for hire for Halloween events.

With a detailed costume that will make you think he has simply stepped out of your nightmares and a terrifying performance that will scare you to the bone, our Freddie Kreuger lookalike character is the perfect Halloween entertainment for your next event.

Reasons to book this artist 

•    Fully interactive with guests

•    Large amount of experience

•    The character comes in full costume

•    Meet and greet experience available

•    Previous clients including Disney and Gatwick airport

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Our Freddie Krueger lookalike is the perfect Halloween walkabout entertainment for your next Movie-themed event. The Halloween entertainer will walk around your venue scaring your guests and giving them a thrill like never before! 

Our Freddie Krueger lookalike and Halloween entertainer are dressed in the costume that comes straight from the movie. The Halloween walkabout entertainment has a silicone head and silicone neck piece that feels just like burnt skin, creepy! The Halloween entertainer will walk about your Halloween-themed event or Movie-themed event with a scythe, the Freddie Krueger lookalike looks just like the character from the movie.

The Halloween walkabout entertainment has a crazy laugh and a deep husky voice making the Horror movie lookalike even more exciting and thrilling for the guests at your Halloween themed event or Movie themed party.

Our Halloween entertainer and Freddie Kruger lookalike are available for a wide range of events from Halloween themed, movie themed, corporate events and more. The Halloween walkabout entertainment will keep guests entertained and make sure that your Halloween themed event or Movie themed party is unforgettable.

Our Freddie Krueger lookalike can also offer a meet and greet service where the Halloween entertainer meets your guests at the door of your Halloween themed event. Photos can be taken with the Halloween walkabout entertainment ensuring that your Movie themed party is memorable and will not be forgotten. 

If you would like to give your guests an experience like never before then our Horror movie lookalike would be perfect! Give your guests a scare by booking our Halloween walkabout entertainment, dressed in the perfect costume and ready to entertain your guests.

Our Freddie Krueger lookalike would be perfect for your Halloween themed events, Movie themed events, corporate events, product launches and much more. The Halloween entertainer will provide high-quality Halloween walkabout entertainment and is available to hire in London and the UK.