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Frozen Ice Table Centrepiece

Frozen ice centrepiece for hire. Our centrepiece is perfect for christmas events.

Our unique frozen ice centrepieces are guaranteed to impress clients with your new logo or branding than to use a centrepiece that will literally be in the centre of attention. We are able to re-create any company logo using a variety of techniques onto your ice sculpture centrepiece.

If you're launching a new product, we are able to utilise our variety of methods in order to excite your guests. Depending upon the event, we can freeze something of your choice inside the ice and carve around it in order to create a personalised masterpiece.

If your event is a product launch we are able to put a product inside the ice block for all around to see. We can also freeze a Christmas themed item inside the ice for a Christmas themed event.

We offer a wide range of table centrepieces all available for hire in London and around the UK. We also offer a vast selection of event furnishing which are perfect for corporate events and award ceremonies, all of which are available for hire in London and around the UK.