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Giant Inflatable Spider Puppet - Newcastle, UK

Giant inflatables animals and balloons for carnivals and parades in the UK.

Performing at several parades and festivals across the globe in Beijing and throughout Europe, our giant inflatable spider puppet is potentially one of the biggest animated freestanding puppets in the world available for hire.

Floating above the crowds at staggering heights, this attraction is one that Is guaranteed to get people laughing and smiling, as he swoops down towards passers-by to give them a fright. His towering height and wobbly legs make him a great attraction for carnivals, festivals, large-scale parties or any other outdoor event.

Our giant inflatable spider puppet is available for hire for events all across the UK as well as offering over sea appearances globally. For more information on how you could see our interactive spider puppet at your next function, simply get in contact today.

Video of our Inflatable Spider Puppet

Here is a video of our giant inflatable spider puppet performing at a street parade! This is a great example of how this act can be an excellent form of entertainment for a multitude of different events. If you enjoy this video and would like to see more, then you can follow our YouTube channel by clicking the video.

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