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Giant Scalextric Game for Hire - Middlesex, UK

Giant Scalextric games for hire in the UK for parties and private events.

Fast, exciting and entertaining for up to five racers at a time, our giant Scalextric games are must have for events and exhibitions across the UK.

Featuring a range of different sports cars (including formula 1 race cars) our Scalextric tracks are extremely fun for guests and participants of all ages as it offers the same exciting thrill as hitting the roads in a real supercar!

With a huge, detailed racetrack to speed your car around, your guest/clients are offered a completely immersive gaming experience full of adrenaline and light competition.

Our giant Scalextric games are an excellent option for a wide range of purposes, like something as tricky as attracting foot traffic toward your exhibition stands or as simple as showing your event guests a great time.

For more information on how you can book our giant games for your next UK event, simply get in contact today! 

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