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Giant Whale Show - London

Giant Inflatable Whale Show for hire. Book our Giant Whale Show for children's parties, ocean-themed events or family fun days in London & the UK.

This life-size inflated whale is a staggering 18 metres in length and is the perfect animal-themed entertainment to teach children more about nature and the environment. 

Young swashbucklers are invited to cast off their shoes and literally squeeze through an opening in the Whale's side, but first, you have to get past the lobster net fence which is guarded by a noisy fisherman's wife.

Once inside, children are immersed into lavishly decorated seascape interiors which come complete with a shipwrecked pirate who has a tale of the high seas, shipwrecking and treasure tell. It is at this point that we are introduced to a real-life mermaid of the high sea, who will capture the imagination of the young swashbucklers with her haunting siren's song and an interesting secret!

The Giant Whale show is perfect for, sea or ocean themed events, family fun days, schools, shopping centre entertainment, corporate events, and festivals.

This Giant Whale show has been booked and performed for; HRH The Queen, HRH Prince Phillip, HRH Prince Charles and Sir Elton John. Corporate clients include:, BBC, Centreparcs, Harrods, Microsoft, Nissan, Rolls Royce PLC and Selfridges.

Giant Whale Show for hire. Book our giant puppet show for family fun days in London & the UK.
Giant puppet show for hire. Book our Giant Whale Puppet Show is available to book for children's parties in the UK & London.
Giant Whale Puppet for hire. Book our educational children's show for shopping centre events in London & the UK.
Giant Whale Puppet Show for hire. Book our giant puppet for ocean-themed events in the UK & London.

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