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Gladiator Joust - Bedfordshire

Gladiator Joust for hire. Our inflatable Gladiator Joust is available to book for children's parties, shopping centre events or picnic events in London & the UK.

Prepare to battle like the gladiators of old with our amazing Inflatable Gladiator Joust for hire. This exciting inflatable is suitable for people of all ages, from children aged 6 all the way up to adults. This brilliant attraction is the perfect entertainment option for your next family fun day.

Our unique inflatable attraction combines balance, speed and power to make for a challenging but still fun game. Our Gladiator Joust pits 2 contestants against each other, with the object being to knock your opponent off their perch with a padded pugle stick. With safety always the most important, our Gladiator Joust is supplied with padded helmets, paddled pugle sticks and has an inflated platform beneath so competitors can tumble safely below.

Our inflatable Gladiator Joust is an exciting and challenging game that everyone is able to take part in. This exciting feature is perfect for different kinds of events including; family fun days, corporate events and children’s birthday parties.

Book our Gladiator Joust for your children's birthday party in London & the UK.
Our inflatable game is available to hire for your family fun day in London & the UK.
Hire our Inflatable Gladiator Joust game for your corporate family fun day in the UK & London.
Our Inflatable Gladiator Joust is available to hire for your summer event in London & the UK.

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