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Gregg Wallace

Best recognised for his professional judging on hit BBC show Master Chef, Gregg Wallace began as a simple market trader in Covent Garden, selling vegetables as ‘George Allan’s Greengrocers’. Wallace built this franchise into a successful business, turning over £7.5 million annually. Gregg supplied fresh ingredients to some of the biggest names in cooking such as Gordon Ramsay, Michael Roux and Jamie Oliver.

•    Gregg has built a small empire with a chain of restaurants and vegetable companies

•    He is one of the UK’s favourite celebrity food icons

•    He co-presented ‘veg talk’ on radio 4 with Charlie Hicks

•    Gregg was honourably offered the role of MasterChef in 2005

•    He has appeared on Celebrity MasterChef and MasterChef: The Professionals 

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