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Halloween Themed Entertainment

What do we do as a company

We are a corporate events agency who offer entertainment for Halloween events and other events such as exhibitions, family fun days, weddings and lots more. As a corporate events agency, we offer catering and event management services and can, therefore, plan your event from start to finish leaving you to enjoy your event.

We can provide Halloween entertainers and scary actors for hire for themed events around London and the UK. Our Halloween themed acts provide fantastic entertainment for Halloween events and a wide of various other events. 

What services do we offer

Being a corporate events agency we ensure that we offer the best Halloween services suitable for family events as well as adult events. We provide our clients with catering as well as Halloween entertainers and Halloween themed acts who can be as scary and as creepy as required. Our entertainment for Halloween events also includes scary actors for hire, who would be the perfect choice for themed events as they will scare your guests and make your event memorable and unforgettable!

Catering to productions and entertainment  

Not only are we a corporate events agency but we can also create unique Halloween productions and props to give your event a real Halloween thrill! As well as providing productions you can also hire Halloween catering which includes creative and exciting food options such as edible mist, red chocolate fountains, ice cream parlours and creepy ideas. 

Our Halloween entertainers will meet and greet your guests, give them a themed show like never seen before or can act as walkabout acts. Choose our entertainment for Halloween events and be truly surprised and maybe even a little creeped out! Our event management company can provide Scary actors for hire from movie themed lookalikes such as Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger and more, what a perfect way to add an element of surprise to your next event! These scary actors for hire are dressed in lifelike costumes and come with life like props to ensure that they are super creepy. 

Providing entertainment for Halloween events across the UK

Our services are available for a wide variety of events from weddings to gala dinners, family fun days and more within London and the UK. Our Halloween themed acts are perfect for all types of themed events and arrangements can be made to make the acts less creepy. Hire our event management company to give your event a real scare factor!

Now that the spooky season stretches from mid-September through to the end of October, we are pulling out all the stops to make your Halloween as creepy and scary as possible!

Below are just some of the acts and props we have to offer to help you create your perfect spine-chilling experience.

New and updated Halloween Events Page


Please click the image on the right to be taken to our new and updated Halloween events page where you will find all of the acts below as well as all of our new performers and entertainers for hire. Halloween room dressing and prop hire.

Red Devil Globe Walker

Red Devil Globe Walker.

Their rapport with their audience is described as “touching” and “exhilarating”. These hugely talented ladies have a genuine connection with their audiences and are just as engaged with an individual as they are with an audience in the hundreds.

This act can be custome designed, here is an example of a Red Devil Globe walker, but this could just as easily be a Zombie or a ghoul.

Please click the image to the right for more information and images on this act.

Pixie and Vince the baby Dragon

Pixie and Vince the baby Dragon

Saving damsels, wronging rights, quaffing mead, and generally failing to save the day. Nuff the Tree Pixie tries his best to keep Vince his baby dragon friend out of trouble, Vince has other ideas... he likes trouble. He has a passion for mischief, an eye for the ladies and a taste for strong spirits. The Pixies are perfect for Halloween themed Entertainment.

Ware Wolf Stilt walkers

The Big Bad Wolf stilt walker

Wolfie on stilts is always looking out for dinner, just watch out as you might be on the menu. The Big Bad Wolf creates a massive spectical due to his great size, one of the biggest Halloween themed stilt walking costumes I've seen out and about. This Halloween stil wlaker can be joined by Red Riding Hood (stilt or ground based) who of course keeps the pistol in her knickers primed and ready for action. Elements of story telling and comedy dining.

Devilish Devils

Devil Fire eaters

Devilish Devils

These mischievous devils are Fire performers that are a must have for any Halloween themed event. With a mixture of fire and cheeky mannerisms they are sure to bring an element of the devil along with them to any Halloween party. 


Orc Bouncers

If your names not down, your not getting in to what could be the greatest Halloween event which may mean you miss out on a range of Halloween entertainment. This listless bouncer adds a touch of security to your door. Also great as a clumsy lumbering yet dainty waiter for events. 


Entertainment from another world!

PREDATRON is a fantastic walkabout act now available to the entertainment, promotion and events industry.  This futuristic android will stun audiences wherever it is seen. Insanely detailed battle armour and hi tech weapons such as Co2 Ice Cannon and Light- Sabre blades, compliments PREDATRON’s overwhelming presence.

If your event needs something extraordinary, if you want a walkabout that will draw attention then PREDATRON is it.

Towering 9ft tall, with built in sound effects, UV reactive under suit, high powered LEDs and lasers, PREDATRON dominates its surroundings creating a mind blowing visual spectacle that will leave people talking about it for days.

Imagine this awesome act greeting guests as they arrive at your event, while providing a once in a lifetime photo opportunity! PREDATRON is perfect for shows, festivals, exhibitions, corporate events, nightclubs, private parties and street parades

Click the image for more information and Video Footage

World Walker

World walker

This robot breaks all conventions of what we now understand a robot to be and looks further into the future at a world where organics have become common place in a technological existence. It is based around the philosophy that we are all a form of a biological machine, created by the self ordering principle of chaos.

With this in mind World Walker is like every evolutionary creature of chaos, that being not perfect has moments where it loses function, taking on bestial throw backs as it goes through its many varied voices and personas. 
The World Walker creation looks at purpose and function whilst trying to hang on to life as it malfunctions and struggles for breath. 

Click the image for more Information and video Footage. 

Halloween Back drops

Halloween back drops

We supply a vast amount of Halloween Back drops from Scary faces to scenes from your favourite Horror Movies. Our Halloween Back drops can completely change the event decor of your venue and make any room stand out as having a great Halloween theme. 

Please click the image to see some more Backdrops for Events 

Dead Brides

Our Dead brides Halloween Walk about acts should be stunning, Beautiful and feeling like a million bucks as it is supposed to be their big day However. THEY ARE DEAD!! and the fact that their chance to marry their perfect man has passed shows with their excessive comedic crying and their desperation to find the perfect man in hopes they will be brought back to life. Great for Night club entertainment for Halloween themed events. 

The living Arch

Winter Wonderland Arch


This human arch was designed by JC Events to scare guests as they enter the room. the performer is built into the arch and cannot be seen until he/she makes them self aware by saying hello or waving and touching guests. 

For Halloween events! The whole idea of this can be darkened slightly to suite the theme of the event with a change of Lighting. Not to mention our performer can get a lot more intense when it comes to scaring guests. Living event Decor for Halloween events is a great way of giving your guests a taste of what is to come in regards to your Halloween entertainment. 


To view This wonderful arch at an event please click HERE

Boiler Boys desert station

Surprise, Wonder, Magic...Nitrogen Desserts

The concept: Crossing mad science with gastronomy to create delicious treats through a show of food magic.

The science: We can’t tell you that!

The creator : Teaming up with Visionary Chef of the year Sujan Sarkar, we are constantly pushing the boundaries.

The impact:Our meticulous attention to detail will tantalises the senses and make this truly memorable experience for your guests.

Click the Image for more Information 

Digi Demon

Digi Demon

It has film grade specification detail, its ungula hooves are built around our DigiLegs, it has resin horns and a foam latex skin. 

So far has made select appearances, namely at Jonathon Ross's Halloween house party and at this years Sci Fi Weekender.

The Demon does not travel alone, the specification of this character means it needs a suitable dressing room where a small team will apply the costume to the performer over a two hour period.

Completely worth it for the end product and a must have for any Halloween themed event.

The Troll

The Troll

The world's only walking, talking animatronic Troll - measuring in at a colossal 9 foot tall and 7 foot wide. Clad in specially commissioned armour, featuring the very latest in skin replication techniques and fully armed to the teeth – he is one bad-ass monster. He features a remote control moving head, blinking eyes, a frowning forehead and moving lips that are synced up to the performer's headset microphone to give the troll a big booming voice. The only Problem with the Troll is that it is so realistic that you may find all your guests running from your Halloween party. This truly is a Halloween themed performer that will cause a stir at your Halloween Themed event. 

Mini Demons

Mini Demons

The twisted children offspring of the Download Demons - exactly the same as their 9 foot counterparts except with an enlarged libido and much higher voice volume to height ratio!!

This is a brilliantly hilarious Halloween act - just watch in glee as the girls scream and run away from the 4 foot devil bearing down on them at quite a pace!

A fantastic combo is 1 Halloween stilt-walking demon king with 2 mini demon minions for your halloween themed event.

Zombie Stilt wlakers

Zombie Stilt wlakers

Zombie Stilt walkers

With a high standard of costume and the Remainsof their last meal pasted over their dead mouths (more than likely being a person) they moan groan and generally mope around your Halloween event. We provide many Halloween themed stilt walkers so please feel free to contact us for more stilt walking acts and Halloween themed entertainment. 

Living Dead Stilt walkers

Living Dead Stilt wlakers

Living Dead stilt Walkers

Much quicker than their Zombie stilt walking counter parts, these stilt walkers of the dammed are fast, furious and extremely scary. These Halloween themed stilt walkers also talk like they have come straight out of the satin school of excellence. 

Childrens Halloween themed Stilt wlakers

Kids themed halloween Stilt wlakers

Children's Halloween themed stilt walkers

Children's Themed stilt walkers are perfect for any kids party's. Whether it is trick or a treat our Halloween themed entertainment will fit right in at your Children's Halloween party.

Devil Stilt wlakers

Devil Stilt wlakers

Devil and Demon Stilt Walkers

the Devil stilt walker is an extremely popular Halloween themed act. Half demon half goat like he is straight out of the book of Horror and perfect for any Halloween themed party where Devil stilt walkers are needed.

The Harlequins Acrobats

The Harlequins are acrobats in intricately hand-painted and weathered catsuits, performing inhuman physical theatre as otherworldly, Siamese characters.  

Interspersed between interacting with guests, they twist and twine around each other, making convoluted shapes that draw from acrobalance and partner acro dance. This results in a sinuous knot of limbs, which combined with the highly patterned catsuits makes it hard to see where one Harlequin ends and the next begins.

Halloween Themed acrobats, Acrobats for Halloween themed events, Halloween themed entertainment

Quad Stilt walkers

"This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen in real life" "Oh my god no, it's coming this way.... it's still coming... can we leave now? Before it gets here? Please?"

The creepeist Halloween stilt act going. 

Black Swan Aerial Dance

Black Swan Aerial Dance

Available to defy gravity dance on air at your event on the static trapeze, aerial hoop, aerial net and other high-flying options. Whether you're looking for elegant Greek muses, a burlesque trapeze artist, family-friendly and amusing aerial, or a custom act, the only limit is your imagination!

Perfect for  Halloween themed events, parties, festivals and media / advertising. Outdoor aerial rig available for hire, or can rig structurally at your location. Partner acrobalance acts in progress. Fully insured & risk assessed.

Halloween themed props

Halloween theemd props and costumes for all types of themed events. includes a vast selection of horror props, which can be used as fantastic Halloween party decorations. If you are planning to celebrate the occasion, take a look at our Halloween props range to find the perfect Halloween party supplies to both spook and thrill your guests at the same time.

Halloween themed Hoop artists

Halloween themed Hoop artists

Halloween themed Hoop artists and Gothic aerial acts, Perfect for Halloween themed events with a wow factor added to it. This is sure to set the bar high for Halloween themed events. Performed with a theatrical presence and an element of fear added in this will have the shock value needed to make your Halloween party more memorable for your guests.

Ghost Train Hire

Penguin Comedy Trapeze act

Take a ride on our Ghost train with a themed driver and custom decorations. We can provide just the ride on train or can provide a full themed set for your Halloween themed event. Themed Driver choices are Zombie train drivers, Grim reaper, Ghost drivers, Mummy Train drivers and more. 

Props for sets include Human arch, Crazy Mirrors, Themed Actors in stocks, Grave stones and more. 

Tudor Wench

Raise a goblet and a smile with our tardy Tudor tavern wench. Full of tales of King and country from the old days, Lyn has a knack of speaking when not being spoken to. If she had any friends they would call her Lyn but we are not sure that she has. Her drunken ramblings and her inability to control the levels of her voice make this wench perfect for serving drinks to your guests and eating up all of the canapes before others can. 

Lyn is perfect for a walk about scare act for Halloween themed events and party's

Fanny The cannibal chef

Fanny worked in the castle kitchen for years, but then she got the axe (due to the credit crunch and the fact she is a crazed cannibal), and is seeking a new employment and a place to stay. She is very keen to ‘meat’ your guests and show off her cooking credentials in the form of her tastiest dishes; fresh fingers, beef wellington (made from the Duke himself!) and toe-fu…

Florence Frightingale

Warning!!! as much as Florence thinks she is a nurse of some sorts....she is not! With plenty of potions and meds for all your guests, Florence Frightingale is on a mission to cure all your guests of their sicknesses – everyone is suffering with something; even if they do not yet know it! But not to worry, the noxious nurse will save you, if she can abstain long enough that is!

Ghostly Gran

The Ghostly Gran loves telling scary stories from her old spooky tales book; but beware, the characters in the story have a knack of ‘manifesting’ through Granny!, and each tale has a curious twist…

The Witch Hunter

Watch out for the Witch Hunter, using his ‘witch-o-meter’ he’s on a crusade to get rid of all witches who stand in his path, and they are all around us! who do we know this? Strange behaviour, unholy smells of perfume and excessive drinking of alcoholic potions? Hopkins can save you, but you will have to go through his humiliating ‘unwitching ritual’!


Igor is a freak of nature or of his masters creation who he is eternally devoted to; he wants everyone to join in with his ‘spooky songs’ as he goes about his bussines! He’s a harmless oddity really, or is he? kindness can kill and Igor is overly kind and just wants someone to hard it may kill you. 

The Gypsy Prophet

The sinister soothsayer feels the dark spirits; and anything else she can get her hands on! She flirts in a frightful way, she is seeking partner number nine after her last husband vanished without trace. She stares into her ‘orbs’ and peeks in to the past and the present; as for the future, her tarot cards may indicate your fate… 

Halloween walk about gypsy 

Rasputin Walk About performer

Rasputin is a mad monk, he was an outspoken philanderer and mystic. he was completely silenced during his execution however, his head could not be silenced. now the body of Rasputin walks whilst holding his head that talks and the head doesn't take any prisoners. This awfully funny act is a great meet and greet and even better walk about act. 

Reverend Crow

A twisted holy man from ‘small town America’ who wants to save your soul – for his personal collection! Give him an ‘almighty amen’, confess your sinful ways, and repent, lest your soul be sent to Hell! This walk about Reverend is perfect for Halloween events with an adult crowed. he is not this nicest Reverend fact I would not let him bless me!  

Santa Claws Walk about Entertainer

This no ordinary Santa or the farther Christmas you know and love... Oh No this is Santa Claws! will creep his way into your heart this festive season, and rip it out with his giant talons! This eerie alternative St Nick is the demon of December; invite him across your threshold for a festive fright and he will deliver a twisted treat that will ensure you have a nightmare before Christmas, have you been good, or BAD!? it wont matter his mannerisms towards your guests will still be an evil one.

walk about evil Santa, walk about Santa for halloween, scary santa, 

Scarlett the creepy Courtesan

creepy walk about acts

A Venetian harlot with a haunted past, Scarlett Fever and her baby ‘Rosey Rag’ were right at home peddling Scarlett’s services in the alleyways of old Venice; but since the great flood they have had to branch out – doing a ‘bit of business’ wherever possible! 

Twisted Clown

The stilt and ground act now works as a twisted, comedic evil clown, who drags around his stilted circus showgirl - sometimes giggling, sometimes screaming - it is a high impact act visually, and we play with the dynamic and balance between the stilt and ground performer to deliver daring, gravity-defying stilt walking with a difference.

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