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Halloween Alice in Wonderland Characters - London

UK-based Halloween-themed Alice in Wonderland characters. Hire our horror-themed Alice in Wonderland characters for Halloween-themed events, corporate events or private events in Dubai.

Our horror-themed Alice in Wonderland walkabout characters will be sure to fill you with terror. These Halloween-themed characters have incredibly realistic make-up which will create the perfect effects to frighten your guests with. These experienced performers can be hired for events worldwide including in London & Dubai.

Reasons to Book This Artist 

•    Based in London & Dubai 

•    Realistic horror make-up 

•    Spooktacular walkabout entertainment for Halloween-themed events

•    Unique twist on Alice in Wonderland-themed Entertainment 

•    Versatile entertainers who’ve performed worldwide 

Walkabout horror-themed Red Queen act for hire for Alice in Wonderland-themed events.
Book our Halloween-themed Mad Hatter roaming character for horror-themed shopping centre events in Dubai.
UK-based horror-themed Alice in Wonderland character for hire for Halloween-themed events.
Hire our Halloween-themed walkabout characters for corporate events in Dubai.
Book our horror-themed Alice in Wonderland characters for Halloween parties in London & the UK.
Walkabout Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween characters for private parties in the UK.
Book our horror-themed walkabout characters for Alice in Wonderland parties in the UK.
Dubai-based Halloween-themed walkabout characters available to book for horror-themed movie events.

For more horror-themed Alice in Wonderland entertainment, head over to our Pinterest pages below.

If you would like to view more Alice in Wonderland walkabout entertainment to hire for themed events, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more Halloween-themed entertainment to book for horror-themed events in London & the UK.

Our fear-inducing horror-themed Alice in Wonderland walkabout characters will be sure to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere for your event. These Halloween-themed roaming characters have incredible body paint and make-up which will scare the hardiest of Halloween fans. 

These horror-themed characters will take you down the rabbit hole to an even scarier wonderland. Our Alice in Wonderland Halloween characters includes; the Red Queen, Mad Hatter and Alice herself. Our horror characters can be hired as together as a group or as individual roaming characters but will scare your guests in any capacity. 

Our talented Halloween entertainers have performed worldwide and can be hired for events in Dubai as well as London and across the UK. Our frightening Halloween-themed roaming characters are a brilliant addition to any event and act as the perfect photo opportunity for guests. 

This horror-themed walkabout entertainment can also be hired as meet and greet entertainment. Our Alice in Wonderland-themed horror characters are incredibly interactive and will interact with your guests seamlessly. Your guests are sure to have a spooktacular time with these Halloween-themed Alice in Wonderland characters. 

Our Halloween-themed characters’ merge together 2 worlds; Alice in Wonderland and the world of horror. With two such exciting worlds being combined; our horror characters will be sure to enhance any Halloween-themed event. 

Our horror-themed Alice in Wonderland characters is available to book for a wide range of events including; Halloween-themed events & parties, corporate events or Alice in Wonderland-themed events in the UK & Dubai.