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Halloween and horror themed event characters for hire for events.
Halloween entertainment for hire in the UK. Our Halloween entertainment is available for horror events.
LED furniture for Halloween events in London and the UK.
Halloween event decor services. We offer halloween props in the UK.
Halloween party planners for UK events.
Halloween lighting for events in London and the UK.

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Halloween Themed Event Production

How to host a horror themed event. See how we achieve our winter wonderland events in the UK.

As summer starts to fade away it's time to start getting our costumes ready, because Halloween is creeping up and is the perfect holiday to host a spectacularly scary event! 

Shock your friends, scare your colleagues or simply enjoy a night of eery fun or horror entertainment. 

Julia Charles Event Management absolutely loves Halloween, and has built some spectacular productions in the past, and we are always excited to see some new guests spooked out!

Here a just some of the things we offer at a Halloween-themed event:

  • Full audio and visual production
  • Room draping, lighting and marquee hire
  • Halloween and Horror-themed props and decor
  • Halloween-themed characters
  • Creepy catering services
  • Furniture and much more


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Let's Create 

Halloween entertainment services for Moulin rouge parties, celebrations and more.
Here are some catering options that we offer to hire for Halloween events in the UK.
In addition to themed event productions, we can also provide a full range of event services for events in London.
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Why choose a Halloween themed event production?

Halloween is one of the most fun-filled times of the year. We specialise in creating authentic themed productions that will blow your guests away with a night of horror theming. As a themed event production company who are based in the UK, we excel in designing and building high-end Halloween themed events. 

One of the most important aspects of any Halloween themed event is the venue. With Horror-themed events, you need a venue that will accommodate your guests but also one that will create a fear-factor for them too. With our bespoke event management service, we include a venue transformation service that will turn your venue into a Halloween-themed extravaganza. Our room draping will also ensure that the maximum scare-factor is reached. We can decorate marquees, venue or building in hair-raising blood-soaked rags, thick cobwebs and various other terrifying decorations.

Ideas for a Horror themed party

We can design and produce bespoke room décor for your Halloween party that will create a spine-chilling atmosphere for all of your guests. We can provide bespoke AV services including, bespoke lighting and sound systems that will create a frightening feeling for all. Halloween itself can cover a multitude of more specific themes. We can turn your venue into an abandoned asylum, ghost ship, haunted house, zombie apocalypse and more. The possibilities are endless.

We can over several ideas for Halloween theming in the UK as well as a wide range of horror themed performers and entertainment. Next time you are looking for ideas for Halloween themed events, simply browse through our extensive selection of Halloween-themed production services.

Halloween themed venue dressing

We have an abundance of Halloween-themed props that will enhance your event further. Our themed living statues and other scary performers can blend seamlessly into the venue décor and can scare your guests when they are completely unaware. This acts as great interactive entertainment.

With our Halloween-themed production service, we can create a spooky themed wonderland that will frighten everyone. Our creative event planners have a passion for creating authentic and exciting themed event productions for our clients. With our creative ingenuity and friendly approach, we will create a frightening spectacle for all to enjoy. 

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