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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Team Development Courses

This course is designed for performance development for corporate teams. Each team development event is designed specifically to focus on our customers training requirements, engaging delegates in an exploration of actions and behaviours that enhance, or limit team performance.

Julia Charles event management has teamed up with Harley Davidson UK to produce a one of a kind team building day!

From reading about building a motorcycle and watching a motorcycle being built on television to the real thing is a little more difficult than it looks. want to be a custom bike builder? Well, We can help you gain that experience at the Harley Davidson Head Office based in Oxfordshire.

You will learn about the level of expertise and artistry the top builders have attained and within your teams you will each build a part of the bike within a set time. If the task is completed on time, then you will be able to enjoy a ride on the bike your very own hands helped to build. This day is a first of its kind!

Why this course?
Our programme has been specifically designed to provide you with a first look at the development of this product and enable you to see how the staff evaluation profiles can be used to assist you in developing high performing teams.

The event is interactive and ensures that the learning is linked to real work issues. You will explore the fundamental issues around how to release individual energy at work and create high-performing work groups and teams of all kinds.

After an enjoyable and challenging day, you will be able to:


• identify areas where the approach can make a difference
• make links between the goals of the organisation and the Team Management concepts and models
• make use of unique models and a simple language that describe the world of work
• think about how you can use the staff evaluation profiles to facilitate communication, problem solving and conflict resolution

The programme is also a valuable personal development experience for everyone involved;

• Review of Work Preferences and High Performing Teams
• Using the Types of Work Model for project success
• Action Planning for Personal and Team Development
• Putting Team Work into Practice