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Human Football Table - Bedforshire

Human Football Table for hire. Our inflatable Human Football Table is available to book for family fun days, picnic events or corporate events in London & the UK.

Our Human Football Table for hire is an exciting and classic form of entertainment that will keep you laughing for hours on end at your next fun day. This amazing game is perfect for people of all ages. For adults, this retro game will bring back all the memories of those awesome arcade games, and the interactivity of this game ensures that your children will also have lots of fun.

This competitive game is the perfect entertainment option for family fun days, product launches and corporate events. Our inflatable version of the classic bar game will be a huge talking point and will make for one memorable event.

Our human football table works by each player being strapped to the pole and then just like the smaller version, competitors are only able to move from side to side. The team that scores the most goals in the allotted time wins and claims that ultimate glory. With you being able to literally be a part of the game, this exciting feature will keep you laughing for hours on end.

Our inflatable human football table is available in 2 sizes which means that it’s accommodating for the venue that you wish to hold your event at. With so much fun to be had by kids and adults, this amazing feature is perfect for your next family fun day.

Human Football Table for hire. Book our inflatable Human Football Table for picnic events in the UK & London.
Retro Human Football Table for hire. Book our giant inflatable Human Football Table for family fun days in London & the UK.
Children's inflatables for hire. Book our Human Football Table for festivals in the UK & London.
Human Football Tables for hire. Book our inflatables for eco-themed outdoor events in London & the UK.

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