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Human Tree as Seen on Dragons' Den

Dragons den entertainment available to hire for corporate events in London and the UK

Looking for an exciting form of dragons den entertainment? Our walking tree for hire was featured on dragon's den in 2008 where we secured 75,000 from two of the judges. The human tree act is perfect for weddings, corporate events and more in London and the UK

Reasons to book this act 

•    This walking tree for hire was featured on dragon’s den

•    Our human tree act is unique and original

•    This dragons den entertainment is perfect for a variety of events

•    Previous clients include Ferrari and Whittlebury Hall

•    Perfect meet and greet act to surprise guests 


Hire a human tree for your wedding in London and the UK
Human tree act to book for private parties in London and the UK
Hire our walking tree for award ceremonies in London and the UK
Living human statue available to book for brand activations in London and the UK

Human tree from dragons den

Here is some footage of our walking tree for hire in action at an event in London. Our human tree has so many uses other than the comedic and surprise factor for your guests. We have supplied our living trees, human trees and all types of dragons den entertainment hire as well as the dragons den human tree for weddings, corporate events, private parties and more.

We even supply dragons den entertainment hire for trade shows and exhibitions for companies to bring potential customers to their stands. We can place promo material on the human tree enticing people to come closer. 

 If you are looking for other dragons den entertainment then our Pinterest page offers a wide variety of robots to Human tree act and walking tree for hire. Our entertainment is available for hire in London and around the UK. We also offer a wide variety of human statues. Our dragons den human tree is available for hire in London and around the UK.

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This unique new act is situated in the front lobby area of the venue (or where there is a large volume of constant foot traffic).  

Our Human Trees as seen on Dragons' Den can perform the following

Living Tree, Moving Tree, Talking Tree, Human Statue Tree.

The Trees come in many different styles and can be branded to suit your event.


Meet and Greet *1 Human Tree as guests arrive at your venue they will be scared by the talking moving the tree.

Human Tree table plan as guests look at where they are seated the tree will talk to them or move towards them.

An informational tree you can book our Dragon Den Trees to perform on your exhibition stand to promote your products or just to inform people about the company, this works very well at eco-themed events.

Promotional Talking Trees, Many clients have used our Living Trees to hang their products or offers on and had them promote on the high street or on the main door to the shops.

Our Human Christmas Trees have been created to look at first glance...just like a normal Christmas tree, it is only when you come a little closer than you will discover that the tree is alive!

Inside we have a performer who can interact with your guest, staff or customers. 

The trees themselves can be themed to suit your requirements or company colours, our standard tree is 6ft, however, if you require something more bespoke we can create this for you.

Our human Christmas Trees lend themselves to many types of occasion, to date here are some examples of how they have been used; 

meet and greet act at private parties

shopping centre entertainment 

office parties

product launches - handing out samples

store openings

nightclub openings

wedding entertainment 

In 2008 we bought our Human tree onto the popular show ‘Dragons Den’. This proved a hit with the entrepreneurs and we then received £75,000 from two of them. As the years have gone on, our dragons den human tree has been a popular choice for a wide range of events. Whether that be a wedding or a corporate event.

This walking tree for hire looks realistic and will give your guests a fright and a giggle as they realise that someone is in the human tree act. Our dragons den entertainment for hire can be hired as meet and greet entertainment where guests entering your venue will first see the human tree act, or our human tree act can stand and walk about your venue, creeping up on your guests when they least expect it!

Hire a human tree to experience something truly unique and original, nobody expects a tree to start moving and creeping up on them!

This dragons den entertainment for hire has previous clients including Ferrari and Whittlebury Hall and is the perfect meet and greet act and human tree act to surprise guests. Guests won’t stop laughing when they realise that the dragons den human tree is alive and kicking!

What more could you want than a walking tree that has been featured on the hit programme ‘Dragons Den'? Our human tree act is available to hire for corporate events, brand activations, weddings, private parties and more in London and the UK.

Experience a fantastic and unique dragons den entertainment option and give your guests a fright with our walking tree for hire.