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Ice Block Decorations

Ice Block Bar for hire. Our Ice Block room decorations are available to book for charity balls, award ceremonies or weddings in London & the UK.

They are a fantastic alternative to genuine ice and glass blocks. They are made from a high clarity plastic and are handcrafted to mimic ice. This allows us to create a bar that will become a centrepiece for your space or event. They are incredibly versatile and are used in a number of ways and are a safer and stronger alternative to glass blocks.

Our replica ice blocks can be used inside and out and are held together using a transparent adhesive, they are light weight and easy to install and can be crafted into a structure of your choosing. We find they make impressive bars, room dividers, screens, backdrops, and even tables using a glass top. To finish the look off, we can fit them with LED lights that will play beautifully through the ice blocks and will create a wonderful ambience for your guests. For Winter Wonderland-themed events we would recommend a blue which will enhance the theme further and will create the perfect atmosphere too. 

Our Ice Blocks are superior to genuine ice as they do not melt and will last a lifetime, and they are made of a hardened plastic that is resistant to chipping and fracturing so are completely safe.


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