Image Quality Guidelines 

We are frequently asked, "what is the level of quality expected in images?" Please see guidelines below:

  • High Resolution
  • Unbranded (No company logos, symbols or otherwise relatable features)
  • A strict minimum of 5 images or more.
  • No Mobile phone photos
  • Appropriately sized (No very small images)
  • Owned by you/your company. (We can only promote images that you own the rights to)


What will we not accept?

  • Images of acts/suppliers at home. We request only images that are taken on location at events.
  • Low-resolution images (blurred, pixelated, small image size)
  • Inappropriate content (For example, we will not accept any images that are offensive, rude or inappropriate)
  • Any images that are not owned by you. (You must own all rights to the images sent to JCEM)


Thank you for taking the time to review our image quality guidelines. If you have any more questions about submitting images to Julia Charles Event Management, please contact us at