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Jack Frost Entertainer

Children's Jack Frost Entertainer for hire. Our Christmas-themed entertainer is available to book for Winter Wonderland-themed events, Christmas-themed events or shopping centre events in London & the UK.

Our Jack Frost is an experienced Christmas entertainer who is perfect for Christmas themed children's parties. He is available for hire for Christmas events across London and the UK.

Reasons to Book This Christmas Entertainer

•    Well known winter character that adds to the festive atmosphere at any event

•    Interactive with all of the event’s guests … adults and children alike

•    Full of mischievous charm and wit that’s bound to put a smile on your face

•    Skills include: magic tricks, balloon modelling and clever Christmas comedy

•    Completes any Winter Wonderland or Christmas themed event 

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Playing one of the most well known Christmas characters in the book, our Jack Frost Christmas entertainer will bring the icy magic of winter to any corporate event or child’s party. Who better to have at the forefront of your Christmas entertainment than a man who has famously become synonymous with the entire festive season? His presence is always welcomed by all guests and is available for hire for various Christmas events across London and the UK.

This mischievous Christmas entertainer has an array of cheeky magic tricks up his sleeve that will keep your guests guessing at your next corporate event. From festive themed balloon models to spellbinding ice magic, this Christmas entertainer has more than enough in the tank to fuel your guests’ awe. Topped off with some witty Christmas comedy punchlines, this act will quite literally be the icing on your events’ cake as he leaves a trail of glistening frost in his path.

This Christmas entertainer is dedicated to being an authentic and creative representation of Jack Frost, who can single-handedly make a difference to the atmosphere at your children’s party or corporate event. Be prepared to find yourself well and truly lost in the magic of Christmas once this talented professional steps into character, as there aren’t many Christmas entertainers around that can take control of an entire event’s mood quite like our Jack Frost.

This act has never been anything short of amazing, and has never left a client’s corporate event with anything but praises to sing. Having been described as ‘extremely professional, creative and hugely talented’ and ‘masters of what you do’ by an extremely happy and extensive client base, there’ no argument against this Christmas entertainer being one of the best in the business.

To book this magical addition to your corporate event, children’s party or other Christmas event, get in touch as soon as you can.