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Jacqueline Gold


Jacqueline Gold has been voted one of the most influential and highly achieved women in the British business industry on several occasions. Her part in establishing Ann Summers as one of the most well earning high street businesses in the UK has tagged her as one of the strongest business woman and as one of the most sought after female leadership speakers working on the late evening speaker circuit.

With no academicals business training Gold has built her empire on sheer entrepreneurialism; spotting a gap in the market early on Gold began her career as a businesswoman by bringing lingerie and sex toys to women in their own homes, making sex accessible to women in a creative and empowering fashion. Gold bases much of her work as a business speaker on the development and success of Ann Summers, she demonstrates that personal motivation and a narrow eye for the business industry you can achieve just as much as someone with an expensive education in the area.

Her role as a leadership speaker is built into her reputation as a successful and well-achieved woman. With a shocking lack of successful business women across the British retail sector, experiencing a discussion from leadership speaker Jacqueline Gold will both empower and motivate women of any age.  Jacqueline expresses how being a strong businesswoman doesn’t mean you must automatically forfeit your femininity. With the international success of Ann Summers and the procured brand Kickerbox proves that both men and women can achieve great success in the in any business.

Jacqueline Gold can be booked to appear in any sort of event to speak about success, motivation and achievement.