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James Buckley

James Buckley is a British TV and film actor best known for his role in ‘the Inbetweeners’ series and the crime drama ‘The Bill’. Alongside his work with television, Buckley stared in several films as well as providing voice acting for multiple tv campaigns. On top of all of his work in the tv and film industry he now intends to conquer the music world as a DJ in the club and event circuit.

Since a young age, Buckley knew that he was destined for an audience as he took on his first West End roll at only 11 years old, His first TV performance at 14 in the BBC Show ‘Orrible alongside fellow actor Johnny Vaughan.

Thanks to his achievements in the role of Jay in the inbetweeners TV series and his successful films the inbetweeners movie 1 and 2 he is now a very sought after British actor as he portrayed such a likable and well acted character.

Outside of the film industry, James has taken a step into music as a DJ for hire, He has offered his talents as a backup vocalist and guitar player for plenty of British bands and made his debut in a music video for Essex band The Milk.

Buckley’s second most recognisable role in television would be his part as Del boy in the short lived BBC prequel to Only Fools and Horses ‘Rock and Chips’ made famous from the 1960’s until now. As a guest speaker, DJ, Performer and artists, James Buckley is an all around talented man who can bring the fun to any event or function.