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Jamie - Football Freestyler

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From a young age, Jamie has burnt a passion for the skilful end of football and sports, after discovering football freestyle at 16 years of age. By evolving a strict 3 hours a day training programme and specific dietary regimen, Jamie managed to finish 10th place at the 2015 European Freestyle Championships, as well as placing 13th at the 2015 Red Bull World Cup in Beijing, which was broadcast to over 200 million people.

This sport is more than just a hobby for Jamie. By merging innovative marketing strategies, creating a notable online presence, and acquiring world-class positions in competitions, Jamie successfully built a business from his talent.

Jamie's career has seen him appear at half-time shows, sports events, corporate events, viral videos, TV adverts, product launches, brand campaigns and even parties!

Having successfully performed extremely technical shows for crowds of 60,000 people at Manchester City stadium, Wembley at the NFL, and on live television for 2 million people in Malta! Jamie has locked his position as one of the most highly talented, technical and impressive performers across the UK, if not the world!

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