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John McCririck

John McCririck is best known for his outspoken, unique, personality and numerous reality TV appearances. Beginning his career at the famous horse racing newspaper the Sporting Life in the late 1970’s, McCririck has worked in sports journalism and as a specialist horse racing after dinner speaker for more than forty years.

Having graduated from print journalism in the 1980’s, McCririck went on to work as a sports speaker and horse racing pundit for Channel 4 where he started to build his reputation for both his loud attire and equally brash commentary. Working from inside a betting ring McCririck became a popular choice of pundit and horse racing speaker for the broadcaster and was often called upon to appear in other programmes as the horse racing specialist.

Alongside his work as a sports speaker John McCririck has established himself as a well-known reality TV star and celebrity due to his appearances in the third season of Channel 4’s Big Brother, as well as subsequent appearances on a number of other reality series including the Weakest Link has helped to raise his profile and garner a strong and occasionally controversial public image.

A passionate and undeniably well informed horse racing speaker John McCririck continues to draw crowds to all his after dinner speaker events, McCririck makes for an excellent choice of guest at both corporate and private functions.