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Jonathan Gabay


Jonathan Gabay’s powerful keynote speeches are hand to pull yourself away from. Being such a well-respected marketing and public relations guru, it really comes as surprise.

Gabay is one of the leading voices in the BBC on issues relation to marketing (specifically the digital side of things) Jonothan is also a published author with such books as ‘the meaning of life’ and ‘Soul Trader’. His writing is an accurate reflection of his keynote topics and marketing knowledge. He approaches advertising and marketing from a very unique angle that gives his guests a whole new way of thinking about the industry.

Gabay has also done work in consultancy for extremely high end companies, providing his insight on how to hand staff during times of uncertainty. He also offers advice on how to conceptualize organization differently in order to be more effective. Gabay has also been publicised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, proving testament to his desirability as a sales and marketing speaker.

Jonothan provides his services to show people what consumers really want and expect from a brand. He shows his guests to key to creating loyalty and brand recognition in the media sector and retail industry.

Jonathan’s expert style of keynote speaking will bring interest and diversity to your next corporate event. Book now at