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LED Robotic Dance Show - Slovakia

LED Robotic Dance Show for hire. Book our LED dancers for brand activations, corporate events or award ceremonies in London & the UK.

Our contemporary LED dance show is a high-energy display that will captivate everyone at your next event. These high-tech dancers have performed their fast-paced show around the world bringing absolute joy to everyone. 

Reasons to Book These Artists

•    Have performed in the USA, Europe & Middle East 

•    Delivered more than 150 shows 

•    Can provide anything from 5 – 30 dancers 

•    Spellbinding show that merges LED technology & dance 

•    Perfect for promotional events & brand activations

LED Dancers - Watch it Here!

Our technology-themed LED dancers will be sure to captivate your guests. These high-tech LED technology dancers combine amazing dance routines with cutting-edge LED technology to create a true spectacular. Our eye-catching LED glow show has performed to audiences around the world including places like; the USA, the Middle East & Brazil. 

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If you would like to view more LED technology entertainment to hire for brand activations, then please take a look at Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more technology dancers to book for corporate events in London & the UK. 

Our high-tech LED dance show is a fast-paced, spellbinding show that will create a buzz around your next event. These technology dancers are a unique form of entertainment that will be sure to captivate your audience. Using high-tech wearable technology, our technology dancers are able to create stunning optical illusions. These LED dancers work in perfect sync to create eye-watering routines that will be sure to stun everyone. 

These LED dancers have taken the world by storm and have performed over 150 shows around the world. Our international LED dancers have performed in places like the USA, Brazil, Middle East, Europe and more. Technology-themed entertainment has become a popular entertainment option due to its originality and unique abilities. Our LED dancers especially offer clients something new and different. These technology dancers have a will make you question reality as they manipulate light and darkness with their incredible suits. 

The LED dancers are based in Slovakia and are available to book for international events around the world. Our unique LED dancers wear high-tech LED suits which allow them to infuse their sharp choreography with cutting-edge LED technology. These versatile LED dancers have performed at a diverse range of events including; promotional events, advertising events, company anniversaries and many other events. Our technology dancers will be sure to provide unique entertainment for any event you wish to plan.

Our high-tech corporate entertainment option is a stunning show that is perfect for brand activations, product launches and promotional events. These technology-themed LED dancers offer a show that combines light, dance and music, in turn creating a unique fusion of technology entertainment.

These incredible LED dancers have performed for a wide range of prestigious and well-known clientele including; YouTube, Adidas and Samsung to name a few. Our LED dancers can provide up to 30 technology dancers with their personal record being 23 so far. From 1 – 30, no matter how many technology dancers are featured, they will be sure to create a captivating time for all.

Our LED dancers will be sure to create a fantastic atmosphere at your next event. Our LED technology dancers are available to hire for a wide range of events including; product launches, experiential events and corporate events in London and across the world.