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Staging and Lighting

Set Design Packages

Set Design Packages

Click the picture to download a list of packages we have designed to help minimise the amount of planning needed for event design. We have basic packages that will cover set design all the way up to set design and event decor such as table centres and chair covers. All of our costs are inclusive of Delivery, set up and collection within a certain millage meaning there are no hidden costs.


Event Lighting

Lighting for events


We can provide everything From Intelligent fixtures to theatre lighting. Lighting can change a venue from a corporate conference venue into a nightclub or intimate theme for your big day. Adding Lighting to a themed event can create spectacular effects. 

We can provide lighting for bands, tours, fashion shows, Corporate events, Weddings and Video Shoots. 

For larger events we can "Pre Build" your lighting in a virtual environment so we an create the effects required before stepping on site.

Staging for events



We can provide a number of differant stages for a numebr of difderant events. We have stages for bands, fashion shows, corporate events and Mandap staging. 



Why lighting is so critical to any event?

Lighting should be designed individually for each occasion, taking into account the peculiarities of the venue, such as ceiling height, existing lighting and any stage or focal points which need to be highlighted. Floral designs are a good example of something needing to be highlighted so that they don't just blend into the shadows. Within fixed venues, architectural elements such as cornice work and columns can be enhanced by being lit as part of the overall room design.  

Lighting Equipment:

Up Lighters

These are the most commonly used piece of lighting available. These units are placed around the room (available in various watts) or marquee and will produce a flood of light against a wall. With the addition of a coloured filter, a variety of different colours are achieved and transform the interior of any room. 

LED Colour Change

The very latest technology has brought a whole new dimension to background lighting. These units are available in variety of different versions and power outlets. Due to these products using LED's (Light Emitting Diodes), the power consumption is negligible compared to a standard fitting, which in turn allows the user to link a large number of units to one power source.

Intelligent Lighting

As the name suggests these are light fittings which are intelligent. The intelligence allows the fittings to be programmed and is capable of repeating the programmed effects until the operator decides to change.

Intelligent lights come in a Varity of forms but there are three main forms, Colour Change, Scanners and Moving Heads:

  • Colour changers are simple projections units which are programmed to produce colour changes, examples are the LED Colour changers.
  • Scanners, these projection units are fitted with an external mirror which can be programmed to any position. The scanners usually contain a selection of colours and Gobos (patterns) which can be selected whilst programming and replayed.
  • Moving Head, similar to a scanner except the whole fitting has rotation in the horizontal and vertical axis which is programmed. A selection of patterns and colours can be programmed.

Other lighting also available:

  • Star Cloth
  • Pinspot Lighting
  • Band Stage Lighting
  • Gobo Lighting


Take a look at some of our Pinterest broads with some more ideas on what we can create for your corporate event or conference. 

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