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Light Painting Artist

Light Painting for hire. Our Light Painting Artist is available to book for gala dinners, corporate events or award ceremonies in London & the UK.

Light painting brings the wonder of imagination together with creativity in order to create beautiful works of art.

Our light painting is done with a complex camera technique that provides endless possibilities for the user. A long exposure on the camera and a dreamlike, creative participant combine in order to design surreal imagery. Each image takes around 20 seconds and the results are viewable, instantly on a large display.

Users have the choice to either pose and have our light artists create luminous scenes around them, or they may choose to do it themselves as this a completely interactive service. In general, people do not need much encouragement to join in and make their own art. Anyone is able to do it and the results are magical each time.

We offer a wide range of light ‘brushes’, torches and lightsabers to produce these amazing effects. We also love to use a pixel stick, which is a truly incredible piece of equipment which allows people to add graphics, logos and other imagery into each picture. 

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