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The Wyboston Lakes 'Northern Light' Bespoke Christmas Tree

Luxury Christmas trees for hire. Our luxury Christmas trees can be hired in the UK.

The ‘Northern Light’ Bespoke Christmas tree was designed as an exclusive creation for Wyboston Lakes in 2014. This tree was inspired by the vibrant colors of the northern lights, whilst still retaining the features of a tradition Christmas tree. This decked out tree is one of many trees that have been designed by Julia Charles for the Trafalgar Hotel and is certainly on our list of our most eye-catching concepts.

This tree was designed as a one of exclusive for Wyboston Lakes and is a perfect representation of the work we can offer in the themed of purple and lime. This trees bright and vibrant color resulted in crowds of people, enjoying the display for long periods of time, several pictures and then returning for even more!

This tree is one of our bespoke productions and is a great example of what is possible in building your next Bespoke Christmas tree. 

If you would like to see an even wider selection of the bespoke Christmas trees that we offer then feel free to browse our full portfolio via Pinterest below. If you would like to see our collection of bespoke side displays that are available alongside our bespoke Christmas trees then please follow through to Pinterest also.

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