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Little Hands Craft & Activity Stand - Peterborough

Little Hands Craft & Activity Stand for hire. Our arts & crafts workshop is available to book for children's parties, shopping centre events or family fun days in London & the UK.

This children's craft & activity stand for hire comes with a simple ethos…. active play!!  We will get the little ones actively crafting, actively noisy & actively moving! The children will have a variety of interactive play to choose from.

A lovely arts & craft area will be set up in a large marquee with height appropriate furniture, colourful table coverings & aprons. The crafts will be set up consistently throughout the event so that the children can keep choosing different art supplies to create their very own masterpieces. 

Our craft stands for hire is like no other as we the children actively moving throughout the course of the event. There will be a dedicated play leader who will have active play sessions running where the children will be involved in unique games using props and instruments. 

Will they be wearing antennas and running around as bees? Or be princesses turning the boys into frogs? Maybe they will be running around saving the world in superhero capes? With so much to choose from, the world really is their oyster. We will also play good old fashion playground games and even get the parachute out.

At set points during the day, we will have circle time where the children can get noisy with instruments and have a sing song. More props will come out to capture their imaginations, will it be Incey Wincey Spider's gloves? Or poor old Humpty Dumpty eggs? During circle time we can also deliver an interactive story where the children become the story.

In addition to our craft stand, there is the option of a dedicated face painter and a make-up corner where the children can be made to look the part with nail glitter, glitter tattoos, temporary tattoos, and hair chalk. The best part of all is that mum or dad can stay and get involved too. Which means that they get to spend quality time with their children.

Our Little Hands Crafts and Activity Stands can be adapted to suit the event booking and as such will be suitable for family fun days, corporate events or children's parties. 

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