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Luminous Bells - London

Luminous Bells for hire. Our LED stilt walkers are available to book for Christmas-themed events, corporate events or fashions shows in London & the UK.

Our enchanting Luminous Bells for hire, are a wonderful combination of poise, balance and elegance. These stunning entertainers will literally light up your event with their illuminated costumes. The Luminous Bells will bring an abundance of light and wonder to your event with their delicate and intricate costumes.

With specially-fitted technology and lighting, our performers can program their costumes to exhibit any colour you wish and keep even program them to exhibit a specific sequence of colours. This means that they are perfect to hire corporate events such as product launches as we can program their costumes to display to your company’s branding colours.

With such a magical and wondrous element to their costumes and performances, the Luminous Bells are also perfect for Christmas-themed events. These versatile entertainers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for an array of events including; fashion shows, corporate events, Christmas-themed events and much more.

Luminous Bells for hire. Our LED Stilt Walkers are available to book for corporate events in London & the UK.
LED Stilt Walkers for hire. Book the Luminous Bells for Christmas-themed events in the UK & London.
Illuminated stilt walkers for hire. Book our LED stilt walkers, the Luminous Bells for fashion shows in London & the UK.
LED walkabout act for hire. Book our illuminated stilt walkers, the Luminous Bells, for shopping centre events in London & the UK.

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