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Magic Jedi- London

Magic Jedi for hire. Our Star Wars themed magician is available to book for weddings, corporate events or gala dinners in London & the UK.

Our Magic Jedi costumed entertainer is the perfect mind reader to book for your event. Our Robed, mind-reading magic Jedi will blow you and your guests away with his amazing close-up magic and mind reading abilities. This exciting costumed entertainer combines 2 really popular mediums; that of magic and Star Wars. 

Reasons to book this artist 

•    Member of the magic circle

•    Only Jedi mind reader in the UK

•    Previous clients include BBC Late Show

•    Costumed entertainer wearing authentic Jedi costume

•    Winner of home counties most entertaining act

Star wars magician to hire for private parties in London and the UK.
Hire our mind reader for corporate events in London and the UK.
Corporate illusionist agent available to book for family fun days in London and the UK.
Costumed entertainer to book for themed events in London and the UK.

Watch our Jedi in action!

Watch as our star wars magician provided by our corporate illusionist agency wows guests with his fantastic mind reading skills. Hire this mind reader as walkabout entertainment or to meet and greet your attendees.  None of your guests will expect the costumed entertainer and magician for hire to be so brilliant, but he is!

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Star Wars is one of the biggest, best-loved and highest-grossing films of all time. The film has one of the biggest and most loyal fan bases too. Our Star Wars magician for hire and costumed entertainer will allow you and your guests to be amazed by this fantastic mind reading act. The Costumed entertainer is a unique entertainment option that will thrill guests of all ages.

Our corporate illusionist agency will provide you with the perfect form of entertainment for your wedding, corporate event, gala dinner and much more.

The mind reader/ magician for hire is a member of the magic circle, suggesting that he is a highly recommended and popular illusionist for hire. The costumed entertainer comes dressed in an authentic Jedi costume adding to the Star Wars theme for your event.

As a corporate illusionist agency, we ensure that all of our magicians, illusionists, mind readers and psychics are of high standard and quality. This Star Wars magician for hire is the winner of home countries most entertaining act highlighting that the costumed performer is highly skilled and experienced in mind reading and magic.

Our Star Wars magician for hire is the only Jedi mind reader in the UK and therefore is a one of a kind and unique, how exciting! Your event will definitely be unforgettable with the only Jedi Mind reader in the UK keeping your guests entertained throughout your event. 

Our costumed entertainer has previous clients such as BBC Late show and RAF High Wycombe showing that the psychic for hire has travelled and performed across the UK.

The Star Wars magician for hire and mind reader is happy to take part in many events whether they are big events or small events. 

Previous testimonials state that the costumed entertainer and psychic is ‘’absolutely phenomenal’’ emphasising that he is highly skilled and entertained in being a Star Wars magician and mind reader.

Hire our corporate illusionist agency and this fantastic Star Wars magician and mind reader for your next event in London and across the UK. The mind reader and psychic would love to be your entertainment at your next wedding, corporate event, product launch and more.