halloween house dressing

Assembling the Ideas 

This client approached us for a Halloween house dressing after they had recently moved in next door to Jonathan Ross. They needed the designs to complement their celebrity neighbour’s extravagant decorations for his famous annual Hampstead garden suburb Halloween party. Every year the entire street gets closed for the event and our client wanted to make sure his house looked up to scratch so he could add to the spooky atmosphere that his neighbour's house is renowned for creating.

Our client requested:

•    Propose a concept for the designs 

•    Complement Jonathan Ross' house designs to add to the effect they create

•    Produce and install the agreed designs in one day

Bespoke props for Hampstead garden suburb halloween party

Adding our Expertise

The concept we decided on was based around a dangerous spider that’s population got out of control in the client’s residential area a few years ago. It got so bad that schools in the area were being shut down for fear of children getting bitten and poisoned. We decided to build a huge spider to stick to the front of their house to represent the real-life terrifying creature and installed numerous spooky Halloween themed props on their drive and front garden, including graveyards, skeletons, and spider projections to complement the rest of the house dressing.

•    We designed, produced and installed all props and decor

•    We came up with a unique concept that the client loved

•    We complemented next door's decor without stealing their thunder

halloween inspired projection supplied for halloween house transformation

Admiring the Results

The client was very pleased with the overall outcome and the house blended nicely with the brilliant designs of the house next door. We enjoyed working with this lovely family (and appreciated all the help from their children with the setup!) and it was very exciting to be involved in the hysteria of one of Jonathan Ross’ Halloween parties! The atmosphere was amazing and it’s always nice to work on such unique concepts.

What we achieved:

•    The house attracted over 6000 trick or treaters 

•    Another successful road closure for the famous Halloween-crazy neighbourhood

•    Our house transformation resulted in a happy client & thousands of happy children 

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