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Tents & Marquees for Hire

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Marquee and tent rental for parties, weddings and events

When hosting an event, a huge part of the process is hiring the perfect marquee tents or pop-up venues. With that in mind, we work hard to be a helpful marquee rental company that offers a range of different marquees, tents, yurts, stretch tents and other festival venues. 

Marquees are an excellent venue choice for a range of events, due to their ability to be a pop-up venue in a huge amount of locations. Large scale festivals across the world utilise bell tents and stretch marquees because of this reason.

When choosing to rent a selection of tents and marquees, it is important to consider purpose. The size of your event can vary from function to function, so we offer a range of cheap marquees and tents that come in a range of sizes.

Festival tent hire and tensile structures

One very popular use for marquee rental is for festival events. This can be large festival events or small private festivals. You can use our range of bell tents for hire and yurt tents for hire to accommodate camping. You can use our selection of tensile structures to host music shows, or you could even use our big top circus tents for comedy shows!

Plenty of UK festival events such as Glastonbury and Download festival use large festival tents to host entertainment, as they cover equipment and create an exciting pop-up venue for guests. This can be the same for renting marquees for private festivals also, as you can use marquees to host shows!

Festival events are an excellent way to use marquees and tents. You can create a full camping area using our bell tents, yurt tents and chill out tents and incorporate our tensile structures as venues for your festival entertainment.

Camping tent hire for private festivals and wedding events

Another popular use for yurt tents and bell tents is to create camping areas for private events and weddings. At the end of your event, you can keep the party going by using our tent hire service to give your guests a place to chill out, relax and sleep for the night.

A popular style of tent for wedding events is our tipi tent hire. Our tipi tents for hire are an excellent addition to special occasion events, as they can operate as a venue for many people. Another popular use for our tipi tent hire service is party events. Combined with a party marquee, you can host an exciting marquee party with music, catering and more!

Wedding marquees for events

When you book your wedding event, finding the perfect venue can be difficult, which is why you should consider hosting wedding ceremonies in our wedding marquees. These wedding marquees and tents are an excellent atmosphere for your special day and can be a pop-up venue in lots of places.

If you already have a wedding venue for your event, wedding marquees are a good idea for hosting wedding parties. By using inflatable venues, tensile structures and marquees, you can host an amazing party for hundreds or even thousands of festival party goers. 

Marquees to cover swimming pools

Another impressive use for marquees is creating party venues around swimming pools. By covering a swimming pool with a large marquee, you create a spectacular venue that seconds as a pool party event. Our pool party events are very successful and are a perfect idea for party planning. 

The of marquees at private parties is a good way to create a custom outdoor venue that suits your event perfectly.

Inflatable venues for hire for exhibitions and conferences

Another style of outdoor venue is inflatable tents for hire. These tents come in different shapes of inflatable venue including dome venues, square venues and pyramid shaped inflatable venues. 

These inflatable tents are a great idea for conferences and exhibitions as the venue can be branded, fit several thousand guests and be moved to different locations. 

If you would like to view more luxury marquees to hire for corporate events, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more alternative marquees and tents to hire for family fun days in London & the UK.