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masked ball and Venetian backdrops for hire. hire masquerade backdrops for photos at your next event.
Masquerade themed party companies near London.
Vodka luges for weddings, parties and themed events. Our ice sculptures are also an attraction for gala dinners.
Venetian themed entertainment for hire for UK events.
Masquarade themed parties and events available for hire in the UK for weddings functions and more.
Feather table centrepieces for hire for masquerade themed events.

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Masquerade & Venetian Themed Event Production

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If you are hosting a luxury event in London or anywhere else in the UK, then a Venetian/Masquerade themed event is certainly an excellent option. Based on the historical carnival of Venice, this theme has been enjoyed by thousands of people through the centuries. 

With a combination of fine dining, beautifully crafted masquerade props; and elegant performances from our Venetian walkabout characters; our masked balls and galas are a perfect way to celebrate an occasion.

A masked ball is an excellent and mysterious way to spend a wonderful evening with your guests and is suited for all events; from birthdays to weddings.

For more information on what our Venetian/Masquerade balls include, simply get in contact today to speak to a friendly team member.

Let's Create 

Indoor fairy light hire for room theming, venue transformation and gala dinner events.
Venetian backdrops and room decorations for hire for special events, weddings, dinners and more
Masquerade ball performers and entertainment for hire near london for corporate events, gala dinners and parties
Masquerade ball performers and entertainment for hire near London for corporate events, gala dinners and parties.
Table centrepieces for masquerade balls. Hire our feather table centrepieces for your next themed event.
In addition to themed event productions, we can also provide a full range of event services for events in London.
Here are just some of the clients we have worked with in event production in the past.

Why Choose a Masquerade Themed Event? 

When hosting a party or function, you have to think to yourself “what am I trying to achieve?” and if the answer to that question is to create a spectacular, elegant event, then a Venetian ball is the theme for you.

Based around historical Venice and their famous masquerade balls, our unique themed events combine all of the fun of Venetian entertainment with the elegance of masquerade ball decorations. Once these components are mixed together in a themed venue with a group of excited guests, you will see an outstanding themed costume party come to life.

As well as being an outstanding costume theme, masquerade balls offer a wide choice of props and decorations. You can take your event to new levels with giant masquerade masks, Venetian ice sculptures, Venetian backdrops and much more. 

Masquerade Themed Wedding Events 

We have hosted masked ball theming for clients around the UK. Our masquerade themed event décor is one of many themes we offer as a luxury event theming company in London and the UK. Our Venetian-themed production service offers a variety of luxury props, masquerade themed entertainment, Venetian room dressing, catering services and more.

 We offer our Venetian-themed production services for events up and down the UK and supply theming to events of all budgets. We offer a range of walkabout characters, stand-alone masks, venue decorations, masquerade backdrops, and much more.

All of our Masquerade entertainment is available for hire in all UK locations and maintain and elegant, professional themed performance. From masked human tables, to masquerade stilt walkers, our performers can cover everything! Hiring our UK masquerade performers is an excellent idea for theming your next function.

Why we are the Themed Events Company for You.

With over 15 years of experience in masked ball theming, we know what makes a truly amazing themed event. We combine masked ball event dressing, Venetian props, luxury décor and entertainment for hire, to create a masquerade experience that is unforgettable.

Venetian-themed events are one of the most popular themed functions to hire in the UK, as it is a luxury, and elegant theme for corporate events, weddings, birthdays and more.

If you are looking for an event theming company with a talent for creating masked balls for weddings, gala dinners and more, then consider booking one of our luxury events.

How can I use a Venetian theme at my event?

A Venitian theme can be a good idea for theming events. For example, a popular way to use a Masked ball theme at an event is through gala dinners, award ceremonies, private parties, themed corporate events, exhibitions stands and plenty more event types. 

This is a great idea for gala dinners especially, as you can use some colourful room decorations to dress your venue, like ostrich feather table centrepieces, themed backdrops, ice sculptures, large masquerade masks and more. 

Another popular event to use a masquerade theme at is private parties. By having guest wear masks and use fancy dress, your event becomes an Italian-style evening that is fun for everyone. 

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