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Masquerade & Venetian Themed Event Production

Ideas for masked ball and venetian events. Inspiration to host themed parties.

If you are hosting a luxury event in London or anywhere else in the UK, then a Venetian/Masquerade themed event is certainly an excellent option. Based on the historical carnival of Venice, this theme has been enjoyed by thousands of people through the centuries. Here are just some of the options we can supply for this theme:

  • Venue dressing 
  • Props & decoration rental
  • Audio & visual equipment 
  • Entertainment 
  • Table decorations
  • Catering services
  • Backdrops & Themed Attractions


If you would like to learn more about the different options we have available for this theme, then simply get in touch today to speak to a member of the team.

Let's Create 

Masquerade and Venetian-themed events and parties

Masquerade and Venetian-themed events and parties and an ideal way to celebrate any occasion. Be it a wedding, birthday, corporate event or gala dinner, masquerade and Venetian-themed events are a guaranteed way to create a delightful atmosphere.

Creating a masquerade and Venetian-themed event is simple. We combine all the classic event theming you might expect with a mix of unique masquerade ideas that you might not have seen before. In addition to that, we also introduce a range of masked ball entertainment into our masquerade and Venetian-themed events, to create an authentic experience.

Masked ball party theme

Another popular way to use masquerade styling at your event is a masked ball party theme. This type of event creates an elegant Venetian atmosphere that is like an original masked ball event.

We can offer a range of masked ball party theme props and decorations such as giant masks, vintage table centrepieces, Venetian ice sculptures and much more. By adding some of these items alongside our masked ball party theme, your event will be unique.

Our masked ball party theme can be suited to a wide range of events. One popular event type is weddings. By asking your guests to wear a simple mask and adding our range of mask ball party props, you can walk down the aisle like a Venetian!

Masquerade & Venetian entertainment  

A huge part of masquerade ball theming is the selection of masquerade and Venetian-themed entertainment. The style of Venetian entertainment is iconic to this theme and is the perfect way to add another element of masquerade into your event.

We offer a wide range of masquerade and Venetian-themed entertainment. Some of these performers include masquerade themed human tables, masked jugglers, jesters, masked ball dancers, comedy shows and even parlour game nights!

You can choose from all this masquerade and Venetian entertainment and more on our entertainment page.

Venetian-themed gala dinners

Another popular event to hire our masquerade theme for is themed gala dinners and award ceremonies. A great way to bring crowds together at gala dinners and award events is to share a theme like "masquerade". It adds something fun and unique to the evening.

You can create masquerade themed gala dinners for any occasion, as it simply involves decorations, entertainment, room theming and maybe some simple costumes for your guests.

Masked ball events for birthday parties

Another great way to hire our masked party theme is for themed birthday parties and events. Our masquerade party theme can be altered to suit a range of events. If it’s a formal  

Dinner event or an all-out party, you can turn your event into a Venetian evening with this colourful party idea.

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