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Mind Reader & Magician

Mind reader and Magician for event hire UK

From a young age he was drawn to the stage and loved nothing more than to entertain, he then discovered magic, or more like it discovered him. He later found he had the gift to see what people were thinking and that he had a real understanding of human behaviours and how the mind works as he studied psychology, which improved his foresight Deciding to just concentrate his time in entertainment and using his previous experiences to deliver a great experience, he now delivers a popular stage and walk about and mind reading act.

Frequently getting booked for large corporate companies at various trade shows and parties, he is a regular at weddings around the country entertaining from table to table. He also worked at restaurants, entertaining guest as they dine. Our magician is one of the three resident magicians at the Smoke and Mirrors theatre bar, the only one of its kind in the UK. He has been asked to appear all around the country and also Europe as well as guesting on a couple of cruise variety shows.

If you are looking for more than just a magician, our mind reader and magician is perfect for you, as he is a magician with a difference. He can offer a stand-alone walkabout act, or if you want something more formal then he can offer a small cabaret and mind-reading show, whatever your event the show can be adapted to meet you needs, he can even do some walkabout magic followed by a show after.

Mind Reader & Magician for hire. Book our magic mind reader for corporate events in London & the UK.
Mentalist & magician for hire. Book our mind reading magician for gala dinners in the UK & London.
Mind reading magic stage show for hire. Our Mentalist is available to book for private parties in London & the UK.
Hire our mind reader & magician for product launches in London & the UK.

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