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Assembling the Ideas 

It was Mini’s 100th birthday, and they were hosting an exhibition to showcase all the best cars they’ve produced over the last century. Alongside providing staging, lighting and AV equipment, they needed someone to help manage a press event they had planned to publicise what was going to be a permanent exhibition. A keynote speaker was to unveil Mini’s business plan for the upcoming period, so the event needed to be spot on if it was going to be well received by the client, guests, and the press. 

The client needed:

•    A successful exhibition of Mini’s best work over the last 100 years

•    A visual concept designed with the press and PR element firmly in mind

•    Stage management for speakers and management of event set up

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Adding our Expertise

We decided to plan the press event concept into a conference format, adding a lounge and stage area into the venue design. The lounge area was for guests to be accommodated on arrival and between scheduled sections of the exhibition and press event, and the staging area was where the majority of press event took place. 

•    We cooperated with Mini's team to ensure management ran smoothly 

•    We supplied staging, lighting, AV equipment, and bespoke furniture

•    We provided stage management service for guest speakers 

•    We designed a visual concept for the exhibition that suited PR element

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Admiring the Results

The client was delighted with what we delivered, sending us plenty of encouraging feedback in the days directly after the event. The event was a huge success in the eyes of the client and guests, and gained an abundance of positive exposure in the press. Many people continue to visit the exhibition that was set up that day because of the good publicity gained within the industry and in the mainstream media. 

We achieved:

•    Great media coverage as a result of the press event

•    Client was over the moon with how we managed the busy event

•    The exhibition is still visited regularly every year

Around 15,000 people now visit this small Mini exhibition at their Oxford plant every year since we helped deliver this incredible press event.

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