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Mor the Mentalist - London

Mor the Mentalist for hire. Our Mentalist is available to book for Christmas-themed events, corporate events or gala dinners in London & the UK.

Mor the Mentalist for hire, is mentalist who has performed at a wide range of events all over the world. Our Mentalist has spent many years practising and perfecting his skills to build his repertoire to an extensive amount. Mor the Mentalist has even the caught the eye of world-famous mentalist Uri Gellar. Mor has been lucky enough to even perform for his idol.

Reasons to Book This Artist

•    Has met & been recommended by Uri Gellar 

•    Has performed for World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua 

•    Previous clients include; Visa, Addison Lee & Rooms & Studios 

•    Thrilling mentalist & telepathy show 

•    Has performed around the world

London-based mentalist available to hire for international events.
Book our mentalist magician for corporate events in the UK.
Hire our walkabout magician in the UK for gala dinners.
Our mentalist & mind reader is available to hire for international private events.

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Our talented mentalist for hire will be sure to thrill you and your guests. This accomplished mentalist magician has been performing for many years and has become adept at sleight of hand tricks. This walkabout magician is the perfect wow-factor for any event and will be sure to entertain the masses. 

This versatile mentalist and mind reader has performed at a wide range of events which include; corporate events, private parties, award ceremonies, celebrity functions, Bar Mitzvahs, Christmas parties, weddings and more. Our telepathic performer has studied mentalism, mind reading techniques and telekinesis for many years which means he has extensive knowledge whilst performing. This exciting illusionist has taken mentalism to new heights which is demonstrated in his fast-paced show.

Our mentalist performs an incredible show that features the world-famous trick; spoon bending. This mentalist magician was inspired by the most famous mentalist, Uri Gellar. This illusionist was lucky enough to meet and perform for his idol. Uri Gellar was beyond impressed by his skills and performance and has since recommended him for events saying; “If you want to be amazed, book Mor, he is unreal." With such high praise, it is easy to see why he has performed for numerous celebrity clients leaving each one more perplexed than the last.  

This interactive mentalist is all about creating the wow-factor and thrives on audience participation. Your guests will be stunned, amazed and blown away by the range of different tricks that our mentalist magician will perform. 

Our close-up magician has performed for World Heavyweight Champion, Anthony Joshua, who was left astonished by our mentalist’s spoon-bending tricks and telekinesis skills. This incredible magician has spent many years performing around the world and is now based in the UK. Our mentalist and mind reader can be booked for international events all over the globe.

Our talented mentalist is the perfect close-up magician performer to hire for a wide range of events across the world. Our mentalist magician is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including corporate events, private parties or award ceremonies in London and the UK.