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Moulin Rouge / Parisian Themed Events & Parties

Here is an idea of how we host a Moulin rouge/Parisian themed event in the UK.

When the time comes to start putting your event ideas into action, you can be rest assured, that our team of professional event managers will be able to help. With years of experience in corporate event theming, party planning, experiential events and more, we will there to help from start to finish. 

As you know, planning a large, or even small-scale themed event can be an intimidating process, which is why we work closely with our clients through the planning process to make sure that we are capturing and developing every idea you have. Here are just a couple of things that we can offer our clients when creating a themed production:

  • Themed props & decorations (Eiffel towers, windmills, French backdrops etc.)
  • Moulin Rouge styled entertainment (Burlesque dancers, jazz bands, can-can dancers etc.)
  • French styled catering services 
  • Complete room transformations 
  • Audio & lighting equipment 
  • And more!


If you would like to begin the first steps to creating your perfect themed event production, simply call today.

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Why Choose a Moulin Rouge Event Production? 

One of the most romantic themes in history, Moulin Rouge is a traditional style of event based around the art of burlesque, the setting of romance and the excitement of Parisian nightlife. 

Based around a French club from the 1800’s, the theme of Moulin Rouge has been carried down through the ages as a popular style of event entertainment due to its colourful and tantalising nature.

By using a Parisian theme at your event, you can inject an element of romance and sophistication into your guest's experience. The addition of Parisian props, Parisian decorations and other Parisian party decorations, your event will be transformed into an elegant evening of burlesque entertainment. 

Paris themed props and decorations

An excellent way to achieve a Moulin Rouge event production is through Parisian props. These props take the style of 19th-century French burlesque entertainment and are a great addition to any event. Some of our most popular Parisian props are the Eiffel tower, the Moulin Rouge windmill, burlesque silhouette boards, Parisian backdrops, vintage Parisian posters and more. 

In addition to offering several props and decorations for this theme, we are also able to offer full red lighting, vintage furniture, themed musicians and other useful themed event services. 

Burlesque entertainment

Another great way to achieve a successful burlesque party is through classic dancers and other forms of Parisian entertainment. By hiring ranges of talented burlesque dancers, your guests are able to experience what a real French burlesque show would be like!

How can I use a Moulin Rouge theme at my next event? 

As this theme is extremely diverse and entertaining for all, a very popular option for Christmas parties is a Moulin Rouge theme! By using romance and seasonal festivity at the same event, your event is able to capture the romance of Christmas. (As well as the jolliness)

Another popular way to use Moulin Rouge at your event is through private parties. As this style of event is so fun and exciting, it is an easy way to turn private parties into an evening of entertainment! If you are hosting a party for your closest friends or for a group of strangers, this style of event is guaranteed to get everyone excited.

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