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Office Christmas Trees

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If you would like to see even more of our beautifully designed Christmas trees and decorations, then please follow the link below to our Pinterest page, where we feature a full gallery of images and information! If you would like to see a selection of Christmas entertainment to go along side your bespoke decorations then take a look at our other amazing Christmas Pinterest page.

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Burnt Orange Christmas Tree


Our Client Harley Davidson wanted this years tree to match their venues corporate colours - Burnt orange.

Here you can see our 12ft Colorado Spruce, decorated with white icy- floral decorations and finished with large Burnt orange baubles in a shiny and matt finish.

Winter Garden Christmas Tree


We designed this tree with its little sister in the mind "The winter garden Christmas tree" it has been decorated with Large white leaves, custom made iced butterflies, white Baubles and custom made flowers. in addition to this we used luxury fabric in Organza and satin to create bows and fill the inside of the tree. When designing this tree we felt that it had to be full of decorations from the top all the way to the bottom making sure every inch was decorated to perfection. The base is covered with floral runner and vases filled with snow and lace for an extra touch of class and attention to detail. 

The Trafalgar

An extreme amount of Fabrics mixed with a vast array of luxury decorations designed specifically for the Trafalgar hotel in Trafalgar square London. We had based this tree on the colours they have throughout the hotel and added some extras for a unique, full and luxurious look. This packed out Christmas tree has a  base decorated using rosette satin fabric to give a unique texture and was also lit up with over 900 LED lights. The lights then illuminated the tree bringing out all of the lime greens, the Purples and the hints of whites and silver to create a warm yet modern look

The Masked Bau-Ball Christmas Tree

The Masked bau-ball Christmas tree stands 12ft tall and has enough decorations to cover up to 4 10ft trees making this one Decked out Christmas tree. This tree was based around our masquerade themed tree but with around 100% more decorations and 2ft larger.  This is a stunning packed out Christmas tree full of masks, baubles, ribbons, bows, luxury feathers in a range of colours, a vast amount of beads and small garlands and over 1000 lights. 

Winter Garden Christmas Tree

This tree was designed with Large white leaves, custom made iced butterflies, white Baubles and custom made flowers. We designed this tree to be full of decoration from the top all the way to the bottom making sure every inch was decorated to perfection. the base is covered with a large reef and lighting in the base for an extra ambiance 

Masquerade Themed Christmas Tree


The masquerade tree is one of our favourites due to its originality and high standard look. This tree has been covered with custom made masks that have satin material weaving in and out of the tree along with Blue white and silver Ostrich feathers. All of this is accompanied by beads and crystals that surround the tree and other bespoke items as seen in the pictures below. The base has been designed with organza material over some lights that are placed around the frame. this is then complimented by Giant Baubles in silver, Blue and white and small glass vases full of Crystals and beads in the same them and colours all topped of with a large Masquerade topper. 

Iced Mountain Crystal Christmas Tree

The Ice mountain tree is based on creating a winter tree with no use of the generic decorations but more bespoke with Glass droplets, Lights and mirrors. e even used bent glass circles to give the illusion that when you walked past the tree the size and look of any decorations behind it would bend and change in size. Again this tree has its own base that was decoration with lighting, Crystals and Large mirror plates to reflect as much light as possible. 

Real Christmas Tree Hire

Real Christmas Tree hire, full of decorations, installed and disposed of. Our Real trees are no different in standard the our artificial trees. We cover the trees in decorations for a full look and in all types of designs and colours. Here you can see a traditional themed Christmas tree for hire. 

Christmas Table Centres

e provide Table Centres for all types of events and Christmas is that time where table centres go creative. From Christmas table centres with bespoke designs to Large Crystal Trees. 


Giant White LED Ball Motif Christmas Tree 40ft high 

This Large white LED Christmas tree was designed and provided to a client in London and was placed outside City hall London at More Place London. It stands 40ft high and is around 18ft wide. It is truly a spectacular Christmas tree and can be hired for many different places. We supply Christmas tree hire London and LED Christmas trees for hire all over the UK and Europe. Feel free to give us a call if you would like to enquire in to Christmas tree rentals London. or please feel free to click here for some more information on this large white LED Christmas tree for hire UK. 

All of our Luxury Christmas trees for hire are of a high standard Norwegian or Colorado spruce. We supply Christmas trees for hire that stand 4ft tall that brighten up an office or trees that stand over 40ft tall to create a long standing impression for your venue, Hotel or Public area. We can create all of our Christmas decorations for each tree completely bespoke and can even take company brands and colours in to consideration. Whether you are looking for a Luxury Christmas tree to hire over the Christmas months or much more than that including themed sets and decorations we are here to help.

Below are a small selection of Christmas trees we have designed bespoke for clients all over the UK. 

if there is one thing we know out of the many it is how to decorate a luxury office Christmas tree. We hire luxury Christmas trees for some of the most prestigious venues and brands across the UK. We are able to create luxury Christmas trees bespoke to a clients specific requirements. We can provide a range of artificial

Christmas tree hire London and also Real Christmas tree hire London. Give us a call if you are looking for Christmas tree rental and luxury Christmas tree rental services for your office Christmas tree hire requirements. 

Other Designs and themed Christmas trees we can supply for hire are

  • Traditional Christmas trees
  • Modern Christmas Trees
  • Floral Christmas Trees
  • White Christmas Trees
  • Black Chrsitmas Trees 
  • All red Christmas trees
  • Orange, white and silver Christmas trees
  • Lilac, Purple and white Christmas trees
  • Gold and silver Christmas trees
  • Red and Gold Christmas trees
  • All Gold Christmas trees
  • Bespoke Christmas Trees



Take a look at some of our images form commercial Christmas decorations for hire. We offer a large range of comerical and residential Christmas decorations for hire London and Europe. We cover the whole of the UK and provide Christmas decorations for shopping centres and corporate clients.

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