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Pen Hadow

Pen Hadow’s extraordinary anecdotes from personal achievements in the most challenging and hostile environments known to man inspire and motivate audiences. A wonderful leadership speaker, Pen has experienced first-hand the importance of decisive management in success in numerous environments.

During Pen’s talks as a keynote speaker, he brings his personal experiences to life. Pen became the first person to trek solo without resupply from Canada to the North Geographic Pole, undisputedly the toughest and most painstaking route for any explorer. Pen learnt key lessons in the most gruelling ways possible and translates these life lessons wonderfully during presentations as an after dinner speaker.

Pen’s audiences swiftly learn that his approach is a very engaging speech and he is able to interact with the audience and take their situation into account, such as their fears, challenges and dreams. Pen believes that only relevant insights make a memorable speech, therefor is able to tailor his speech to your specified topic and can deliver his speech with impact; it is not about recounting his achievements. Pen also gives the option of supplying supporting dramatic images and film footage alongside his talks as a leadership speaker making for the speech to be a much more intense experience, allowing his ideas to resonate far beyond just the event.

Pen continues to advise top FTSE250 businesses on the drive to upgrade and communicate their environmental credentials along with the importance of environmental responsibility and how you can help.

Pen’s infectious admiration of exploration and endeavour pushes others to free themselves of limits. Pen has inspired audiences as a keynote speaker and after dinner speaker across all sectors worldwide delivering talks as a leadership speaker in a very entertaining style but with powerful memorable messages.