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Pete The Dinosaur

wlakabout dinosaur entertainment hire

Meet Pete our friendly baby Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur!

Pete the T-rex is a walkabout animatronic dinosaur character with a lot of heart.....and teeth. Pete the dinosaur is an extremely realistic dinosaur for hire based in Kent and loves to travel. This dinosaur walkabout act for hire is brilliant for many different types of events, especially family events such as fun days. When it comes to walkabout dinosaurs we have it covered. 

Pete is available to hire for parties young and old, events, corporate, weddings and conventions. Pete uses a single operator and an assistant 'Dino Wrangler' to assist while on a show.  

Usually performers for 2-hour showings dependant on distance. 30 min show times with 30 min breaks recurring. 

If you are looking for walkabout animals for hire for your event then look no further. Why not take a look at some of our creative mood boards on Pinterest which give you some great Dinosaur themed entertainment ideas. 

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