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Pole Dancers & Pole Acrobats For Hire

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We supply pole dancers and pole acrobatics for all types of shows and events including corporate events, private parties and bespoke events. We have a range of different shows from Giant Sway Poles and Swing Poles to The Flying Pole Show and Street Light Pole Dancing Show. We have taken the taboo away from pole dancing and made it classy with our unique pole dancing Street Light Show. Our Flying Pole, pole dancing show is brilliant for all types of events.

If you are looking to have a pole dancing show in London then we have what you are looking for. Our pole dancing shows for corporate events are based on acrobatic routines and music both in-twined to create a stunning showcase of strength and agility. If you are looking for something more extreme then we have what you need. We provide some of the worlds most extreme acts and even extreme pole dancing or sway pole acts. The giant swaying poles acrobatic pole dancing shows are a sure fire hit and all round entertaining show for any event. 

If you would like some more inspiration about dancers for hire, pole dancers or some of our more extreme pole dancing shows then please take a look at our Pinterest boards. We have many bespoke dance shows for hire and more. 

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