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Product launches are essential to the success of a new product. Our corporate event management services will ensure that this is accomplished with our creative ingenuity and professional approach. We will take the time to research and get to know your company so as to promote the exact image to shareholders, the public and the media. We understand the key factors of planning a product launch and so will organise it with our bespoke management services.

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So you have just started planning a product launch, or perhaps you are looking to launch a new brand, how do you go about it? At first, it may seem easy, send out a couple of press releases, maybe hold your own product launch, how hard can it be? Yes, a simple product launch could be a simple affair but if you want your product launch to succeed then we can help.

At Julia Charles Event Management we know what it takes to launch a successful brand or product. We take the guesswork out of the planning process to deliver brand activation and product launches that deliver impact. As professional product launch organisers, Julia Charles Event Management is a brand activation and product launch specialist that can help you portray the right image for your brand. 

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How Do I Decide On The RIght Product Launch For My Business?

If you are an established brand you will want to make sure your product launch fits in with your customers’ perceptions of your business. While for newer businesses a product launch or brand activation is your chance to showcase your brand. At Julia Charles Event Management we understand how important it is to get it right and that the smallest details can make a big difference.

Once you have established what type of launch you will need, the next stage is to work out the venue. Your venue can play a massive role in your product launch or brand activation as it can add another dimension. Our experienced team of product launch organisers will be able to provide advice on venue choice and will work with you to ensure everything comes in on budget.

Moving on from the venue hire we will look at staging, set design and lighting which will play a pivotal role in the presentation of your product or brand. From using subtle brand colours in your venue dressing to choosing lighting that complements your brand, our team can offer you a full range of product launch event management services.

Booking The Right Event Management Company For Your Product Launch

You have worked hard to build up a business and develop a product and now it is time to tell the world about it. While there are many companies that can help with product launches a brand launch, or brand activation needs a special touch. Without an established brand identity a brand launch needs to be able to capture the attention of the media and show the values of the brand in a clear and consistent tone.

At Julia Charles Event Management our brand launch management team will work with you to make sure your brand is portrayed in the right way. We will help you theme your event, get the location and venue right and even help to make sure it gets the media attention you need. We are experts in the field of brand and product launches so see how we can help your business. 

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Events Agency Specialising In Brand Activations

For your brand to become recognisable you need to make people aware of it. A brand launch or brand activation is a great way to do this. At Julia Charles Event Management we have plenty of experience working as brand activation event organisers and are able to create innovative and imaginative brand launches that will get your business noticed. If you are looking to garner press attention, get media coverage and column inches, then we can help.

We understand how important it is to create the right brand image and can work with you to ensure your brand activation ticks all the boxes. Our talented team can handle all aspects of your brand activation including budget control, health & safety, risk assessments, venue finding, lighting and AV, venue dressing, delegate management, supplier sourcing and any additional service you may require.

What is Included in a Product Launch?

One of the key goals of a product launch is to showcase your product in an imaginative and visually appealing format. Through set staging, lighting and AV design our team are able to not only organise your event and make sure it runs smoothly, but also help to add another dimension to give your launch the wow factor. Some of the services that are included in a product launch are AV design, event production, venue procurement, set design, staging and production, lighting and delegate management.

We like to go above and beyond to deliver a five-star product launch event management service to our customers. We will work with you to understand your brand, company and product, which will help us to portray the right image for your brand. As well as finding the perfect venue for your event our team will help to organise all elements of your launch.

Product Launch and Brand Activation Entertainment

Worried that your launch could come across as being boring? Well, one of the easiest ways to inject some glamour and glitz to your event is with some entertainment. At Julia Charles Event Management we have a huge range of entertainment options available from celebrity hosts and guest speakers to singers and bands and even aerial acrobats, just let us know your theme and we will be happy to help you find the right entertainment.

From planning and designing to organising and managing, at Julia Charles Event Management we can carry out a full range of product launch and brand activation services for your business. Find out more about creating a spectacular launch event by getting in touch with our expert team today on

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