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Project 3Sixty

Project 3Sixty for hire. Book Cirque Bijou for gala dinners, award ceremonies or product launches in London & the UK.

Project 3Sixty is a fusion of urban expression, creative technology and fearless skills. This is a high energy, highly-skilled performance which is performed on and around a visually exciting stage design.

Project 3Sixty is a daytime street show, a night-time spectacle, a theatre show and a series of workshops.  Working at the crossover between urban sports and circus, 3Sixty's cast includes some of the UK's foremost breakdancers, beatboxers, trial riders and circus artists. It can be the ideal finale show for festivals and large-scale events as it moulds itself to any performance space. From high streets to theatre spaces to empty fields. Every time we've performed it, it has been different. What will we create for your space?

Experimenting with video art, projections and 3D mapping since 2008, the project has evolved as its technologies develop and its young artists learn new skills.

In 2012, we presented a run of public shows at BT London Live and Watch This Space at the National Theatre.  With all-female beatbox group the Boxettes providing a vocal core of the show, the video mapping had progressed and a new stylist gave the cast a multi-coloured makeover.


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