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Humanimal is the best way to entertain your guests if you look to bring the "Wild" dimension to your Event!

The creative pair of professional model and the body painter teamed up together to create a realistically looking animals in flesh! These include Big and Domestic Cats, Horses, Zebra, Deer, Antelope and most types of Dogs.

Incorporating detailed body painting and use of prosthetics, making it look as real as possible to complete the illusion!

The model's height is 6ft 2", with athletic, extremely defined and flexible body, and the body painter is simply the best at what she does! Together they bring the body painting and performing artistry to the whole new level!

After the transformation is complete, according to your needs, the model then can be used as a statue, standing or lying still or changing poses, or moving if required, or the animal of your choice can just mix & mingle with the guests.