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Richard Dunwoody MBE

Richard Dunwoody MBE is the most successful jockey in National Hunt Racing history. Revered by fellow professionals, Richard rode an extraordinary 1,699 winners, becoming a champion jockey three times. A renowned horse guest speaker for not only his vast knowledge about horse racing but also his engaging and compelling personality and ability to talk on a number of sporting and business topics make him perfect for any event and function.

Richard retired due to the potential damage he was causing to his neck. Since leaving racing, he has gone on to found a racing betting advisory service, a photography company and leads riding holidays for the travel company ‘Wild Frontiers’. The transition Richard undertook from sport to business guarantees for an interesting portfolio of discussion as a sports speaker, Dunwoody seeks to make comparisons and highlight the differences between the two environments.

Richard also enjoys the challenge of testing both his physical strength undergoing competitions such as the gruelling World Cup Rally across the Sahara but also likes to challenge his mental ability. Richard completed the famous 1000 mile challenge in 2009, consisting of walking the same mile 1000 consecutive times in Newmarket for 1000 consecutive hours. Richard has also trekked to the South Pole and completed in.

Richard is a seasoned horse racing speaker with years of experience under his belt, relating his times on the race circuit, later career and expeditions to inspire audiences and is still confident and successful qualities into every listener. Richard knows what it takes to stay on top of your game with continued peak performance as an after dinner speaker.