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Assembling the Ideas 

Vape Direct - a client we’ve worked with on numerous events - asked us to put together an experiential marketing event to launch a new range of E-liquid for their sister brand – Riot Squad. They had a clear idea in mind for the immersive event concept, and tasked us with designing, producing and managing an event that would last for four days. The event was targeted at exhibition, product launch and experiential marketing clients, as well as vape suppliers and the general public. 

Vape Direct needed the event to … 

•    Be tailored to their Riot Squad vs Bad Cops immersive brand concept

•    Capture the attention of industry-specific clients and target market

•    Produce an award-winning brand exhibition

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Adding our Expertise

Attendees were greeted by Riot Squad dancers, who roamed the event encouraging people to vape and try new products. They would then be detained by the ‘Bad Cops’, who were professional actors we supplied, and taken to an interrogation room where they were searched, reprimanded and sent off again with a bag full of promotional material. This concept was extremely fun and engaged people very effectively.

•    We provided full design, production and management services

•    We supplied the event with all staff from brand ambassadors to actors

•    We choreographed dance routines and provided music tailored to concept

•    We wrote scripts as a basis for actors in line with concept

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Admiring the Results

The client was extremely happy with the award-winning exhibition services we provided them. We have had lots of repeat business with them as a result of the success of this event. We stuck to the concept they wanted to go with and delivered a fun, engaging, immersive experience that got their product off to a flying start in the market. 

•    We were awarded No1 exhibition stand with this client 2 years running

•    Our designs successfully achieved the goals of their original concept

•    We achieved great social media awareness before, during and directly after the event

Check out the video below to get a better idea of what this event was like … 

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