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Royal Guard Stilt Walkers

Royal Guard-themed stilt walkers. Our Royal Beefeaters are available to book for public parades, royal-themed events or British-themed events in London & the UK.

These towering Royal Guard stilt walkers are a perfect piece of fun for British and royal-themed events. With their extra height (rather large hats) they really stand above the crowd.

Reasons to Book Our Artists 

•   Fantastic guardsmen act for any royal themed event

•    Our royal walkabout act will make your guests feel comfortable at your event

•    Walkabout entertainment that will entertain your guests

•    Great walkabout act that will really stand out at your event

•    The royal stilt walkers were a massive hit on French TV

Read more about our Royal Stilt Walkers below!

Our Royal Guard-themed entertainers will march and perform drills, which involve cleaning the public with feather dusters on the end of extra long poles, which will entertain and humour your guests.

An excellent walkabout act for any royal themed event, these royal stilt walkers will be a hit at your event and will give your guests an event to remember. They are the perfect stilt walkers to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome at your event. The royal stilt walkers will really stand out at your themed event with their striking outfits and height.

This pair of British-themed stilt walkers were also a hit on French television, when they performed the salute of the Presenting Arts to the President...

If you are interested in these royal stilt walkers, feel free to get in contact with our team - we are experts with royal entertainment events.