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RT Ann Widdecombe

Ann Widdecombe has held multiple cabinet positions and gained invaluable experience in the process in positions such as British Conservative Party Politician and as a politics speaker to make her a highly sought after and respected keynote and after dinner speaker. Her sometimes controversial policy views made her a household name, including her opposition of the legality of abortion and supporting the re-introduction of the death penalty.

Ann Widdecombe is often referred to as ‘the people’s choice’ to become the Speaker of the House of Commons due to her easy yet firm personality, however many of the MPs were not ready for her. Ann was one of the few Conservative MPs to vote for the fox-hunting ban and has consistently been against any legislation reducing emissions. Ann was quoted on Global Warming stating ‘there is no climate change, hasn’t anybody looked out their window recently?’

From 2002 onwards, Ann also became a regular appearance on many documentaries and popular television shows, such as Have I Got News For You, Ann Widdecombe Versus and most famously as a competitor on Strictly Come Dancing.

During her political after dinner and keynote speeches, Ann discusses the political landscape, social responsibility along with providing an invaluable insight into top flight Politics with some of the most influential figures of modern times. Ann also welcomes audience participation, answering questions with true knowledge and interest.