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Rugby Freestyler - London

Hire Rugby Freestyler, available across London

With the Rugby Football Union as a previous client, it’s clear that the experts think highly of our Rugby Freestyler. Due to the oddly-shaped ball, rugby freestyle is significantly more challenging than other freestyle ball acts but our sports performer makes it look like a walk in the park. 

Reasons to Book This Artist

    Performed worldwide

    Multi Guinness World Record Holder

    A bespoke show based on requirements

    10 years of experience

    Previous clients such as Footlocker, Nike, Sony, RedBull and Disney 

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This rugby freestyler showcases it's unique act, working with an unusual object.  Our street performer makes it look spectacular and easy to do, simply take a look.

Read more about our Rugby Freestyler below.

Juggling, somersaulting, ball-spinning and any number of jaw-dropping tricks make up this rugby ball artist unmissable. 

The skills involved in this sports entertainment cannot fail to wow any audience. Because of their sporting nature, they are perfectly suited to brand activations for sports companies and products. Requiring only a small amount of floor space to be performed, they are ideal for both large stages and shop floors.

The duo act is also able to include a third rugby freestyler to make a trio act that will work well in any environment. Having appeared on TV commercials and as part of brand activations for household names such as JD Sport and the Olympics, you know that your brand is in good hands. It can also be offered as a solo sports performer for smaller events.

As well as the main show itself, this street performer offers a post-show meet and greet, lasting as long as two hours. This is a brilliant option for kids’ parties, where everyone will want to meet the act and learn how to do what he does. The act can also be customised to include a prize competition, making it a party act your children will remember for many years to come

For those a little older, the act loses none of its impacts. Offering workshops of between 45 minutes and one hour, the themed entertainment is an excellent team-building option for corporate entertainment. It can be bookended by performances by this talented duo, and the prize competition tailored to a more mature audience. Entertaining and interactive in the same breath, this act is adaptable to any space and so can be brought into your offices.

If you like the sound of our sports entertainment, then simply get in touch with us.