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Santa Victor - Essex

Santa Victor for hire. Our Santa Claus is available to book for Christmas-themed events and kids parties in London & the UK.

Santa Victor is an experienced children’s entertainer with a passion for being Father Christmas. He is available for hire to be Santa Claus at your children’s party or private event across London and the UK.  

Reasons to Book This Santa

•    Veteran children’s entertainer with a love for being Father Christmas  

•    Available for a wide variety of Christmas events across London and the UK 

•    Engages with children and adults and is recognised for encouraging audience participation

•    Real white, fluffy beard to complete the authentic Father Christmas look  

•    Entirely committed to Christmas year in year out 

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Santa Victor is a firm favourite amongst kids and is available to for a range of Christmas themed events across London and the UK. This Santa Claus impersonator has a completely natural beard to nail down his absolutely wonderful portrayal of the big man himself. You’ll have to look far and wide for Father Christmas as committed as he to the festive season, and even further to find someone who relishes your child’s smile as much.

 In the offseason, this Santa Claus works as a children’s entertainer to try and recreate the magic of Christmas he loves so much. A true veteran of entertainment, this Santa Claus for hire is an expert in making sure your children get the most out of their Christmas party. If you’re after a Father Christmas that will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone feels included and engaged with the party, then you can count on this Santa Claus to make that happen.

Making sure you create the right atmosphere at a children’s party is vital to ensuring it runs smoothly and the true spirit of Christmas is captured, and having a top quality Father Christmas at the helm is a crucial part of achieving this. Make sure you hire the right Santa Claus for the job can literally make or break the party. With this Santa Claus for hire, you can be certain it will run smoothly. Our Santa will keep the laughs flowing and smiles beaming on your faces even as the season gets busier. He never feels snowed under my the magic of the Christmas period.

This Santa Claus for hire is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Christmas-themed events, grotto appearances, shopping centre events and much more.

Hire this experienced, professional Santa Claus for your Christmas event by getting in touch as soon as you can.