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The Scoop

The Scoop

Scoop! Hold the Front Page...

Scoop! Gives you the chance to create your own tabloid newspaper and uncover all the juicy stories you need for it. It's the perfect way to improve your communication, time-management and team-work skills - and your ability to express yourself creatively. As well as opening your eyes to how tabloid newspapers are really put together, it lays on all the resources needed to make your own: laptops, digital cameras, design blueprints, research tools and a number of breaking news stories for you to report on.

In teams, you will research, design, write and edit your own hot-off-the-press publication - take all the photographs, avoid all the lawsuits and sell all the advertising! Everyone will get to see the results - with prizes awarded for the best.

 Sample Running Order - Full Day

 10.00 am Initial Briefing. The actors/facilitators join the guests. The editor-in-chief lays down the challenge and explains what they will be getting you to do: produce your own four-page newspaper or magazine to a very tight deadline. They introduce their colleagues, sort people into teams and gets them to decide who in which team will be taking on which role (reporters, photographer, sub-editor, etc.)

When they have done this, each team's editor comes forward, selects 3 envelopes and reads out to everyone what's inside them: the type of publication their team must create (tabloid, celebrity gossip magazine etc.) and a photograph and headline that must be in their publication. The editors then re-join their teams.

 10.30 am Newsroom goes live. The teams receive all their equipment and software (laptops, design blueprints, etc.) and familiarise themselves with this.  A big screen in the newsroom goes "live", showing how much time are left and alerting teams to key elements of the schedule, as it unfolds.

 11.00 am              The first press conference. A news story is breaking. Reporters and photographers gather for a briefing.

11.15 am              Second press conference.

11.30 am              Third press conference.

12.00 am              Team challenge. All the teams gather to take part in a physical challenge - which they must also photograph and report on.

1.00 pm                Lunch.  Teams break for lunch.

2.00 pm                Final press conference. A big news story affecting everyone in the room. It is introduced and demonstrated by someone who works for your company, who is then photographed and interviewed.

2.15 pm                Deadline. The teams finish putting their publications together. Each team consults our team of lawyers to check whether any of their stories will provoke lawsuits.

3.00 pm                Go to press. The teams stop work and hand in their laptops.

3.15 pm                The News Quiz. A team-based quiz, testing how well up on current affairs (and celebrity gossip!) everyone is. 

4.45 pm                Hot Off The Press. Each team's First Edition is put on show. A panel of judges assesses the work - and awards prizes.