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Shayne Ward


As the winner of the second ever series of the X Factor, Shayne Ward is highly regarded and sought after solo artist, selling millions of singles and touring the world through his rising career. With his debut single “That’s My Goal” Shayne landed the No.1 Christmas spot and sold over 313,000 copies of his first album within the first 24 hours of trading. He was one of the only X Factor winners to produce original music, rather than covering pre-existing music, Due to this, Shayne gaining huge success because of his amazing vocal range and likable character. The ideal man for any event as he brings his unique and fun loving character with the professional skills of an accomplished musician.

After releasing his self-titled album in April 2006, Shayne moved into the charts as number one after selling over a whopping 200,000 copies in the first 7 days, going on a tour 1 year later, Ward was playing completely sold out venues to thousands of loving fans, proving his popularity as a household name. With several other singles released after his successful tour, Shayne has been one of the most prominent people in the charts as well a supporting several of the worlds biggest musicians.

Ward’s current activity in the music industry sees him bring out albums and regularly performing across the Globe. An ideal solo male artist for any events as he can sing such a wide range of music.